Laying Up of a Vessel in Port

Vessels that need to be laid up in port require written permission from the Port Master.

Reg. 35-(1) of the Maritime And Port Authority of Singapore (Port) Regulations states:

“No vessel shall be laid up in the port without the prior written permission of the Port Master and subject to such conditions as he may impose.”

Definition of “laid up”

“Laid-up” in relation to any vessel, means that such a vessel is not under repair or not actively employed.


Vessels at shipyards and Loyang Marine Base need not apply for permission to be laid up.


The owner / agent must submit the application via Marinet or submit the following to MPA’s One-Stop Document Centre (OSDC):

  1. 2 copies of the Permission to Lay up a Vessel in the Port form [link permission-lay-up-form.pdf] duly completed, signed and stamped.

  2. Original of valid Ship’s Registry, Safety Construction, Safety Equipment, Loadline and International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificates, or Certificate of Fitness (fit to be lay-up) issued by the recognised Classification Society, ISM Code (DOC & SMC) and ISPS Code (ISSC).

  3. Letter from local P & I Club Representative confirming that the vessel is entered with the Club and insured for Port Risks (i.e. Oil Pollution, Wreck Removal Salvage Costs);

    In the absence of a P & I Club coverage, the vessel must be insured for similar risks by an Insurance Company having a representative office in Singapore. A copy of the Cover Note issued by that office is to be submitted. The insured value for oil pollution risk - $450/-per GT, Wreck removal, salvage and salvage cost - $250 /- per GT of Hull value whichever is greater.

  4. 1 copy of the Crew List (minimum manning requirement shall be as set out in the section below entitled “minimum manning requirement”. Qualification of Officers & Crew should be as those acceptable to MPA Shipping Division or Port of Registry. )

  5. Original of recent “Certificate of Freedom from Flammable Vapour’ issued by MPA Ship Inspection Surveyor (Applicable to Tankers, Chemical / Bulk Carriers and Oil Barges only).

  6. Original of Fire-fighting Certificates (issued by the competent Fire Authorities) held by the Officers & Crew (2 or 25% of the complement, whichever the greater to be in possession of such certificate - the Port Master may waive this requirement as he deem fit).

  7. Copies of all the above relevant certificates i.e. (b), (e) & (f).


The “Temporary Permit to Lay-Up a Vessel in Port” is granted based on the expiry dates of the following certificates, whichever is earlier:Ship’s Registry

  • Loadline Certificate
  • Safety Equipment Certificate
  • Safety Construction Certificate
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Gas Free Certificate
  • I.O.P.P. Certificate (with SOPEP and for Oil Tanker Reg. 13G & 13H)
  • Document of Compliance (DOC)
  • Safety Management Certificate (SMC)
  • ISPS Code (ISSC)

An extension of the Permit must be obtained if the vessel is still inactive at the end of the expiry date. The extension is subject to renewal of the expired certificates.

Minimum manning requirement


Under 5002 watchmen
(If moored alongside another of the same class, 3 watchmen for both the vessels)
Above 5003 watchmen
(Vessel not permitted to lay-up alongside another vessel)
Deck* OfficersEngrsDK/GP CrewER/GP CrewTotalDeck* OfficersEngrsDK/GP CrewER/GP CrewTotal
Under 5002121611114
100001 & above226414225312

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