Breaking Up of a Vessel in Port

Vessels that need to be broken up in port require written permission from the Port Master.

Regulation 53 of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (Port) Regulations states that:

“No person shall cause or permit a vessel to be broken up either wholly or in part without the permission of the Port Master and except under such conditions as the Port Master may impose.”


A “Permit to Break-up a Vessel” must be obtained from the Port Master.

All applicants must comply with the following:

  • Settle all outstanding port dues owed by the vessel till the date the craft is completely removed from the water.

  • If the vessel has been lifted up on land for breaking up, a photograph showing the vessel’s on-land status must be submitted with the application.

  • On completion of the break-up of the vessel, the applicant shall notify the Port Master in writing from the break-up yard that the vessel has been broken up.

  • Breaking up should be carried out at Jurong Town Corporation’s (JTC) approved yards. If the breaking up of a vessel is to be carried out at a yard/site other than the JTC’s approved yards but which yard/site falls within the purview of JTC, the applicant shall submit JTC’s written approval with the application.

  • Breaking up of a vessel may also be allowed at other yards/sites acceptable to the Port Master. In this case, a letter from the owner/operator of such yard/site confirming their acceptance for break-up of the vessel must be submitted together with the application.


The following conditions are imposed by the Port Master when the permit is granted:

  • All tanks pipelines and spaces containing oil shall have been completely emptied / and cleaned and be certified by MOM Registered Safety Assessors / Officers before any hot work shall take place in such tank, pipelines and spaces and in their immediate adjacent spaces.

  • No substance noxious to human life, nor matter capable of polluting the port waters, shall be in or on the vessel at the commencement of or during the breaking-up operations.

  • Efficient fire extinguishers and fire-fighting appliances shall be kept ready for immediate use near any place on the vessel at which cutting of any sort by burning is taking place. All other reasonable precautions to prevent the outbreak of fire and / or explosion shall be taken at all times.

  • The location of the vessel to be broken up shall be at such premise approved by the relevant Authority and the Port Master as stated in the break-up permit and shall not be changed except with the prior written permission from such relevant Authority and the Port Master.

  • If the breaking up is to be carried at the waterfront of the break-up yard, the vessel shall at times be securely moored to prevent it from breaking adrift.

  • Any accident which occurs on board the vessel shall be reported immediately to the Port Master.

  • The Port Master shall be notified in writing in advance of the date on which breaking up will commence and immediately when breaking up is completed. The applicant for the break-up permit shall undertake to produce letters from the break-up yard confirming the commencement and completion date of the breaking up of the vessel.

  • Port dues for the vessel shall be paid till the craft is completely removed from the water.

  • An adequate and safe means of boarding the vessel is to be provided at all times.

  • The Company or Person accepts full liability in respect of any damage occasioned to any person or property caused directly or indirectly by or through this ship-breaking operation.

  • The conditions attached to this permit shall terminate on the date the Port Master is satisfied that all vestiges of the subject vessel have been removed.

  • The Company shall guarantee to conform with any directions given by the Port Master or his representative concerning either safety of life or property or other special measures required by reasons of changed conditions or circumstances.

  • The Company shall guarantee right of access for the purposes of inspection to the Port Master and his representatives at any reasonable time.

  • The company shall apply for an extension of the expiry date of this permit and in such a case the Company shall submit a letter from the shipyard concerned to testify the status of the vessel to be broken up.

  • Any neglect to observe or carry out any of the foregoing provisions, shall result in suspension or cancellation of the permit to break-up.

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