Smart Port Challenge

The Smart Port Challenge adopts similar processes used by renowned start-up incubators and accelerators worldwide for sourcing potential start-ups to incubate and accelerate. It is designed as a 6-month programme with the following 6-step process:

 Challenge Statement Formulation

  1. Proposal Submission
  2. Proposal Evaluation and Selection
  3. Ideation Workshops with selected start-ups
  4. Demo Day
  5. Award of Funding Support

Event Concept for Smart Port Challenge

The Smart Port Challenge was first organised in 2017. 12 maritime corporates participated by providing 21 challenge statements. The event received a total of 81 proposals and 12 start-ups were selected for the Demo Day. A total of 7 start-up projects have since been awarded with 4 maritime companies.

For more information, please visit the Smart Port Challenge page at this link.

Smart Port Challenge (SPC)