MPA Living Lab

Singapore has one of the world’s busiest hub port and waterways, which present the most demanding environment that helps spur innovative ideas and solutions. However, one challenge that technology developers face is the lack of a real operating environment and maritime data for the testing and validation of solutions/technologies. MPA Living Lab, together with PSA Living Lab and Jurong Port Living Lab, aims to bring together the process owners, technology providers and/or researchers to co-innovate, test-bed new systems, and bring technological and engineering solutions closer to market.

The MPA Living Lab consists of physical and digital spaces, with a physical presence (“Maritime Innovation Lab”) at PSA Vista. This facility serves as a co-creation platform where innovative projects such as remote pilotage, next generation vessel traffic management, and maritime data hubs are housed and experimented. In addition, it includes the co-location of maritime companies in the same vicinity, such as Wartsila’s Global Acceleration Centre which was launched in October 2018.

The MPA Living Lab further consists of physical test-beds at sea such as designated anchorages to facilitate the trials of marine drones, autonomous vessels and wireless communication technologies in port environment.

MPA Living Lab Focus Areas

The MPA Living Lab serves to support the future NGP2030, and provides a partnership platform for technology and capability development, with the following focus areas:

  • Data analytics and intelligent systems
  • Autonomous systems and robotics
  • Smart and innovative infrastructure
  • Safety, security and environment
Living Lab Focus Areas