Maritime Centres of Excellence

As Maritime Singapore seeks to be a leading global maritime knowledge hub, it is essential to develop and maintain a long-term quality pool of maritime researchers and specialised R&D capabilities. As such, MPA and the Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI) have shifted the focus towards directed R&D programmes and establishing Centres of Excellence (COEs) to deepen R&D capabilities in strategic areas. This is also one of the key strategies under the innovation thrust of the Sea Transport Industry Transformation Map. Three strategic areas have been identified: (a) Next Generation Ports; (b) Maritime Energy and Sustainable Development; and (c) Maritime Safety.

  • The Centre of Excellence in Modelling and Simulation for Next Generation Ports (C4NGP) in the National University of Singapore (NUS) aims to support the planning and development of the Tuas Port. It will carry out modelling, simulation and optimisation studies to support the evaluation and selection of innovative solutions for the port.

  • The Centre of Excellence in Maritime Energy and Sustainable Development (MESD) in the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) will focus on future port and shipping applications in three key areas: energy management, emissions management, and sustainable maritime operations. The MESD also capitalises on NTU’s existing pool of maritime energy researchers and infrastructure built up through past collaboration on the Maritime Clean Energy Research Programme in 2010, and the Maritime Energy Test bed, set up in 2015.

  • The Centre of Excellence in Maritime Safety (CEMS) in Singapore Polytechnic (SP) aims to contribute towards raising maritime safety and safety standards. It will focus its efforts on two key areas, namely maritime navigation and operations on-board vessels.