Towage Guidelines

Tug usage guidelines for vessel movements in the port of Singapore.

The tug assignment guidelines are intended to assist the port user to determine the number of tugs to be assigned to a vessel requiring the assistance of tug(s) to manoeuvre within the port waters of Singapore.

A vessel equipped with a suitable bow/stern thruster(s), in good working condition, may dispense with the need for a tug in that position. Owners, masters or agents of vessels equipped with thrusters must confirm the capabilities and performance of the thrusters at the time of booking for pilot and tugs. Notwithstanding the above, the number of tugs required is determined, among other factors, by the size and shiphandling characteristics of the vessel, the peculiarities of the berth and its approaches, and the prevailing conditions e.g. tidal streams, wind and weather. The pilot upon boarding may thus, in consultation with the shipmaster, cancel or order additional tugs.

For operations purposes, harbour tugs are classified under 4 categories depending on their bollard pull:

  1. 10 to 16 tonnes bollard pull = small tug
  2. 17 to 24 tonnes bollard pull = medium tug
  3. 25 to 45 tonnes bollard pull = big tug
  4. Above 45 tonnes bollard pull = x-big tug

Unless otherwise stated, the number of tugs assigned in these guidelines are for vessels operating under their own power.

The information contained in these pages is provided by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA). While care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information, this is no warranty or representation expressed or implied by MPA as to the accuracy of the information herein. MPA shall not be liable for any losses or damages incurred in connection with the information provided.


A.Tug Service Providers

Keppel Smit Towage Pte Ltd 
23 Gul Road Singapore 629356

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Tel  : 6668 4222 
Fax : 6668 4333

Average Service Level 2020
MPA's target on service level  
(within 15 mins of Service Required Time)
95 %
Keppel Smit Towage (Pte) Ltd100%


NoName of TugSTNos.Year BuiltMax Draft(metres)Horse PowerBollard Pull(M/T)Date of TestModePropulsion
1KST KancilST 1033 Z19984.24,0004607/01/13PusherZ-peller
2KST KijangST 1034 H19984.24,0004817/04/12PusherZ-peller
3KST SpaceST 1170 J20045.43,6004919/02/05TractorNiigata
4KST SednaST 1195 F20055.43,6004901/06/06TractorNiigata
5KST SiriusST 1196 D20055.43,6004922/06/06TractorNiigata
6KST SkyST 1243 Z20063.83,6004724/01/08PusherZ-peller
7KST SkillST 1283 I20063.83,6004515/01/09PusherZ-peller
8KST SalvoST 1328 B20103.83,6004801/05/10PusherZ-peller
9KST PassionST 1479 C20145.25,3647130/09/14PusherASD
10KST PrideST 1505 F20145.25,3647221/10/14PusherASD
11KST SunriseST 1246 D20063.83,6004612/10/07PusherZ-peller
12KST SpringST 1324 Z20103.83,6004630/04/10PusherZ-peller
13KST ZodiacST 1338 A20105.25,0006216/08/10Z-TechSchottel
14KST SuccessST 1457 B20133.83,6004608/04/13PusherZ-peller
15KST SummitST 1458 J20133.83,6004631/05/13PusherZ-peller


70 West Coast Ferry Road 
Singapore 126800 

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Tel  : 6379 9933 
Fax : 6321 2019 

Average Service Level 2020
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(within 15 mins of Service Required Time)
95 %
PSA MARINE (Pte) Ltd98.4 %



Name of TugST NosYear BuiltMax Draft (metres)Horse PowerBollard Pull (M/T)Date of TestModePropulsion
6RESOLUTEST1525J (Reserved)20145.2444060TBCRampartNiigata
7STEADYST 9520C19964.633503528/2/2007TractorSchottel
8SUPERIORST 9522Z19964.63350359/7/2007TractorSchottel
14NOBLE GUARDST1152B20043.63200437/2/2004PusherNiigata
15NOBLE KNIGHTST1179D20053.73600459/5/2005PusherNiigata
16STAR EXPLORERST1186G20053.850006010/10/2005Z - tugCaterpillar
17STAR VOYAGERST1187E20055.250006031/10/2005Z - tugCaterpillar
18NOBLE JADEST1207C20065.240005012/2/2007PusherNiigata
19NOBLE ACEST1214F20064.54000506/4/2007PusherNiigata
20NOBLE PEARLST1215D20064.540005011/5/2007PusherNiigata
21NOBLE ATLASST1222G20064.54000502/7/2007PusherNiigata
22NOBLE VEGAST1230H20064.540005024/7/2007PusherNiigata
23NOBLE PRIDEST1239A20074.52560301/12/2007PusherNiigata
24NOBLE VALOURST1241C20073.62560301/11/2007PusherNiigata
25NOBLE RELIANCEST1240E20073.62560301/10/2007PusherNiigata
26SEA LABRADORST1013E19984.540005231/7/2003PusherZ-peller
27SEA LEOPARDST1014C19984.540005224/9/2003PusherZ-peller
28STAR ENDEAVOURST1212Z20064.550006023/3/2007Z - tugCaterpillar
29STAR DISCOVERYST1213H20065.55000605/5/2007Z - tugCaterpillar
30STAR DIAMONDST1238C20075.550006017/10/2007Z - tugCaterpillar
31STAR ARIESST1242A20075.550006022/8/2012Z - tugCaterpillar
32STAR RUBYST1251J20075.550006028/1/2008Z - tugCaterpillar
33STAR OPALST1252I20075.550006017/3/2008Z - tugCaterpillar
34STAR ADMIRALST1290A20085.553607029/5/2009Z - tugCaterpillar
35STAR TITANST1432G20125.55360702/12/2012Z - tugCaterpillar
36STAR COMMODOREST1312F20095.453607022/8/2009Z - tugCaterpillar
39SWIFTST 9521A19964.53350355/4/2007TractorSchottel
40NOBLE JEWELST1233B20064.840005030/8/2007PusherNiigata
41NOBLE ORIONST1237E20064.540005023/10/2007PusherNiigata


80 Tuas South Boulevard
Singapore 637051
Email :

Tel: +65 6261 6681 (24/7)
Fax: +65 6266 3910 (24/7)

Average Service Level 2020
MPA's target on service level  
(within 15 mins of Service Required Time)
95 %
Jurong Marine Services (Pte) Ltd100%


NoName of TugCallsignHCL No.Year BuiltMax 
draft (m)
Horse PowerBollard Pull (M/T)Date of TestModePropulsion
1Royal Stance9V2875ST 1514 E20144.04,0005505/05/2014Tow/PusherZ-PELLER
2 Royal Energy9V2876ST 1516 A20144.04,0005515/01/2013Tow/PusherZ-PELLER
3JMS Duta9V5286ST 1552 H20164.04,0005613/12/2016Tow/PusherZ-PELLER
4JMS Wira9V5284ST 1551 Z20164.04,0005613/12/2016Tow/PusherZ-PELLER
5JMS Arjuna9V5288ST 1556 J20164.04,0005613/12/2016Tow/PusherZ-PELLER
6JMS Satria9V5287ST 1557 I20164.04,0005630/12/2016Tow/PusherZ-PELLER
7JMS Raja9V3035ST 1562 E20164.24,5006502/03/2016Tow/PusherZ-PELLER
8JMS Menang9V3036ST 1563 C20164.24,5006502/03/2016Tow/PusherZ-PELLER
9PW BenarS6FP3ST 1478 E20134.04,0005027/05/2014Tow/PusherZ-PELLER
10PW Berani9V7110ST 1483 A20134.04,0005008/01/2013Tow/PusherZ-PELLER
11PW Tangkas9V2435ST 1465 C20133.93,6004518/10/2013Tow/PusherZ-PELLER
12PW Teraju9V9908ST 1442 D20123.93,6004524/09/2013Tow/PusherZ-PELLER
13PW Gamma9V8595ST 1335 E20093.84,0005030/07/2010Tow/PusherZ-PELLER
14PW Kappa9V8596ST 1336 C20093.84,0005030/07/2010Tow/PusherZ-PELLER
15HT Vanda9V2700ST 1601 Z20133.01,0001505/02/2018Tow/PusherTWINSCREW
16HT Bearss9V5226ST 1602 H20153.01,0001501/02/2015Tow/PusherTWINSCREW


No 18, Boon Lay Tradehub 21 
#09-161Singapore 609966 

Web :

Email :

 Tel  : 6295 3311 
Fax : 6296 8457

Average Service Level 2020
MPA's target on service level  
(within 15 mins of Service Required Time)
95 %
Marina Offshore Pte Ltd100 %


No.Name of TugST NosYear BuiltMax Draft (Mtrs)Horse Power (BHP)Bollard Pull (M/T)Date of TestModePropulsion
1MARINA ARIELST 1380 J 2011    5.25,00068.8 15/09/12PUSHERZ-PELLER
2MARINA AMBERST 1489 J20124.54,0004619/02/14PUSHERZ-PELLER
3MARINA SWIFTST 1271 E19902.93,6004606/12/13PUSHERZ-PELLER
4MARINA VIVOST 1209 Z19903.53,60050.401/03/07PUSHERZ-PELLER
5MARINA PHEVOSST 1171 I19912.93,20048.831/10/07PUSHERZ-PELLER
6MARINA ATHENA ST 1086 J19872.63,00039.3 30/08/02PUSHERZ-PELLER
7MARINA EVERJOYST 1061 E19833.22,60033.831/08/01PUSHERFIXED PITCH
8MERINA ABLEST 0902 A199431,84024 17/10/07 PUSHERAQUAMASTER
9MARINA GENESISST 1193 Z19822.31,60020.8 05/01/07 PUSHERZ-PELLER
10MARINA BAYST 1018 F198331,30016.9 01/09/98 PUSHERFIXED PITCH
11MARINA MOBILEST 1096 H 20012.41,20015.6 05/01/02PUSHERFIXED PITCH
12MERINA AMAZON 2ST 1200 F 200631,20015.6 25/09/07PUSHERFIXED PITCH
13MARINA MERLION 2ST 1272C200831,20015.6 02/02/09 PUSHERFIXED PITCH
14MARINA TOPAZ -201131,20015.6 09/05/13PUSHERFIXED PITCH
15MARINA MEGAST 1023 B1998 2.71,08014 21/01/99PUSHERFIXED PITCH
16MARINA PRINCESS 3ST 100 A 1997 2.41,00013 22/05/98PUSHERFIXED PITCH
17MARINA SPIREST 1158 A 198625607.28 31/05/05 PUSHERZ-PELLER


23 Gul Road Singapore 629356 


Email :

 Tel  : 66684222 
Fax : 66684333

Average Service Level 2020
MPA's target on service level  
(within 15 mins of Service Required Time)
95 %
Maju Maritime Pte Ltd100%



Name of TugST NosYear BuiltMax Draft(metres)Horse PowerBollard Pull(M/T)Date of TestModePropulsion
1MAJU TAURUSST 1015A19972.91,6002023/05/98PusherRex-Peller
2MAJU VENUSST 1019D19972.91,60020


3MAJU EMASST 1020 H19972.91,60020


4MAJU SUNST 1184 J20053.83,6004808/03/06PusherZ-peller
5MAJU STARST 1183 B20053.83,6004820/01/06PusherZ-peller
6MAJU SOLITAIREST 1192A20053.83,6004603/08/06PusherZ-peller
7MAJU 510ST 1367 C20095.25,0007111/07/11PusherZ-peller
8MAJU 511ST 1379 G20095.25,0007130/09/11PusherZ-peller
9MAJU 512ST 1393 B20095.25,0007106/11/11PusherZ-peller
10PEGASUS 51ST 1382 G20035.55,6306317/05/13PusherASD
11PHOENIX 52ST 1503 Z20036.55,6306420/06/13PusherASD
12PISCES 53ST 1504 H20036.55,6306525/07/13PusherASD


No. 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #06-01 Great World City, Singapore 237994

 Tel  : 6839 6500 
Fax : 6839 6702

Average Service Level 2020
MPA's target on service level  
(within 15 mins of Service Required Time)
95 %
Pacfici Workboats Pte Ltd 100 %


No.Name of TugST NosYear BuiltMax Draft (Mtrs)Horse Power (BHP)Bollard Pull (M/T)Date of TestModePropulsion
1Posh GraceST 1524 B20153.90M4,000513/4/2015PusherASD
2Posh GuardianST 1521 H20153.90M4,0005120/3/2015PusherASD
3Posh GallantST 1506 D20143.90M4,000566/12/2014PusherASD
4Posh GentleST 1512 I20143.90M4,0005215/12/2014PusherASD
5Posh HarvestST 1470 Z20103.80M4,000501/12/2010PusherASD
6PW GammaST 1335 E20103.80M4,0005030/7/2010PusherASD
7PW KappaST 1336 C20103.80M4,0005030/7/2010PusherASD
8PW BenarST 1478 E20134.00M4,0005024/9/2013PusherASD
9PW BeraniST 1483 A20134.00M4,0005318/10/2013PusherASD
10PW TangkasST 1465C20133.90M3,6004627/5/2014PusherASD
11PW TenagaST 1389 D20123.90M3,600455/11/2012PusherASD
12PW TenangST 1410 F20123.90M3,6004515/11/2012PusherASD
13PW TerajuST 1442 D20133.90M3,600458/1/2013PusherASD
14PW TetapST 1452 A20143.90M3,600439/5/2014PusherASD
15PW TepatST 1443 B20133.90M3,600458/1/2013PusherASD
16PW IotaST 1438 F20124.10M3,6004528/11/2012PusherASD
17PW LambdaST 1341 Z20124.10M3,6004517/9/2012PusherASD
18PW ZetaST 1315 J20093.00M3,200407/8/2009PusherASD
19IkhlasST 1288 Z20072.00M1,000NANAWork BoatFIXED PITCH
20IntanST 1287 A20072.00M1,000NANAWork BoatFIXED PITCH
21PW RapiST 1228 F20062.00M1,000NANAWork BoatFIXED PITCH
22PW RajinST 1227 H20062.00M1,000NANAWork BoatFIXED PITCH


B.East Johor Strait (EJS)

Vessels more than 240 metres LOA are required to be provided with 1 big tug for escort when transitting the EJS.

Vessels more than 280 metres LOA are required to be provided with 2 big tugs for escort when transitting the EJS.