LNG Bunkering (Pilot Programme)


As the world’s largest bunkering hub, Singapore is committed to providing a broad range of fuel solutions, including LNG, to meet the future energy needs of the global shipping industry.

pilot programme which will span from 2017 to 2020, Singapore will test operational protocols, gain operational experience and continue to beef up Singapore’s capabilities in the areas of LNG bunkering to ensure LNG bunkering is carried out safely, efficiently and reliably.

LNG Bunker Supplier Licences

In January 2016, MPA announced Pavilion Gas Pte Ltd and FueLNG Pte Ltd (a joint venture between Shell and Keppel) as the successful bidders for MPA’s LNG bunker supplier licence following a Request for Proposal launched in July 2015.

Co-Funding Programme to Support Building of LNG-fuelled vessels

In Sep 2015, MPA announced that co-funding of S$12 million have been allocated towards supporting the building of LNG-fuelled vessels, capped at S$2mil per vessel.

Waiver of Craft Dues for LNG-fuelled Harbour Craft and Port Dues Incentives for Ocean-going Vessels using LNG-fuelled Harbour Craft in the Port of Singapore

To encourage the uptake of LNG bunkers by local harbour craft, MPA will waive 5 years of craft dues for new LNG-fuelled harbour craft that register with MPA between 1 Oct 2017 and 31 Dec 2019.

To complement this effort, MPA will also grant additional 10% port dues concession for qualifying vessels that engage LNG-fuelled harbour craft for their port operations between 1 Oct 2017 and 31 Dec 2019.

For more information on the schemes, please refer to Port Marine Circular No.14 of 2017.

Technical Reference 56 for LNG Bunkering

Launched officially on 28 Apr 2017 during the Singapore Maritime Week 2017, the Technical Reference (TR) 56 provides a reliable and transparent framework for LNG bunkering operations in Singapore and comprises the following:

  1. Requirements for custody transfer
  2. Procedures and safety distances
  3. Competency requirements for personnel

For more information on TR 56, please click here.

International Co-operation

To deepen cooperation and information sharing in relation to LNG bunkering, an MOU was signed in October 2016 by MPA, Antwerp Port Authority, Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), Norwegian Maritime Authority, Port of Jacksonville (represented by JAX Chambers), Port of Zeebrugge, Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Ulsan Port Authority. Three more members, Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan, Port of Vancouver and Port of Marseille, joined the MOU in July 2017 bringing the total number of members to eleven.

Through the MOU, Singapore aims to:

  1. establish a network of LNG bunker-ready ports across the East and the West to encourage the adoption of LNG bunker by ship owners;
  2. deepen cooperation and information sharing in relation to LNG bunkering; and
  3. promote the adoption of LNG as a marine fuel by coordinating with international organisations and private operators.