Dual Badged Nautical Charts

Dual Badged Charts covering Singapore port waters and their approaches.

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) have jointly produced a series of nautical charts called the Dual Badged Charts covering Singapore port waters and its approaches.

Based on the World Geodetic System 84 Datum (WGS 84) and conforming to the specifications of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) for international charts, there are 15 such jointly produced charts, with new chart editions published once every one or two years.

The list of latest edition Dual Badged Charts can be found in our monthly Singaporean Notices to Mariners. Corrections affecting the Dual Badged Charts will be published in the Admiralty Notices to Mariners and in Section V of the Singapore Notices to Mariners.

List of dual badged charts

Chart No.Charts Title and LimitScale 1:
4030Port of Singapore – West Jurong Anchorages and Fairways
1°11.05'N       1°17.00'N 
103°36.70'E    103°40.70'E
4031Port of Singapore – South Jurong Island and its Approaches
1°10.15'N        1°16.12'N
103°38.50'E     103°42.53'E
4032Port of Singapore – Sinki Fairway
1°12.25'N        1°16.30'N
103°40.20'E   103°46.13'E
4033Port of Singapore – Tuas Bay, West Jurong Channel and Pesek Basin
1°15.00'N        1°19.05'N
103°36.80'E     103°42.70'E
4034Port of Singapore  – East Jurong Channel, Pasir Panjang Terminal and West Keppel Fairway    1°14.50'N        1°18.55'N
103°42.70'E     103°48.60'E
4035Port of Singapore – Western Anchorages, Jong Fairway and Cruise Bay
1°10.90'N        1°16.90'N
103°45.50'E    103°49.54'E
4036Port of Singapore – Raffles Lighthouse to The Sisters
1°09.40'N        1°13.47'N
103°44.20'E     103°50.13'E
4037Port of Singapore – Keppel Harbour, Tanjong Pagar Terminal and Approaches
1°12.52'N        1°16.59'N
103°49.40'E   103°55.34'E
4038Johor Strait – Western Part
1°10.80'N        1°28.70'N
103°28.60'E     103°40.70'E
4039Western Approaches to Main Strait
1°01.50'N        1°13.70'N
103°31.20'E     103°49.00'E
4040Tuas View to Pulau Sakijang Bendera (St. John's Island)
1°07.40'N        1°19.60'N
103°34.10'E     103°51.90'E
4041Pulau Sebarok to Changi
1°07.40'N        1°19.60'N
103°46.90'E     104°04.70'E
4042Changi to Pulau Mungging
1°09.55'N        1°21.75'N
104°01.70'E     104°19.50'E
4043Kuala Johor and Sungai Johor
1°16.10'N        1°34.00'N
103°57.90'E     104°10.00'E
4044Johor Strait – Eastern Part
1°19.00'N        1°31.20'N
103°45.60'E     104°03.40'E




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