Collision between Singapore-flagged tanker and Chinese-flagged Fishing Vessel

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     The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) was notified that a Singapore-flagged tanker, PEARL KENZO, had collided with a Chinese-flagged fishing vessel, SUIYUPU 0183, on 26 December at about 12:08 am (Singapore Time) near Chengshan Jiao, China. The tanker was on its way to Zhoushan from Penglai, China, when the incident happened.

2.   The China Maritime Safety Administration had informed MPA that the fishing vessel had sunk and eight crew onboard are missing. The Chinese authorities had conducted search and rescue operations. All crew members onboard the tanker are safe. No pollution was reported in the vicinity.

3.   PEARL KENZO is currently anchored at Shidao Anchorage and assisting in investigations by the Chinese authorities.