Expression of Interest for the Supply of Methanol as a Marine Bunker Fuel in the Port of Singapore

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        The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) issued an Expression of Interest (EOI) on 14 December 2023 to invite interested parties to submit proposals for the supply of methanol as a marine bunker fuel in the Port of Singapore.

2.         The EOI aims to gather proposals for the implementation of end-to-end methanol bunkering solutions in Singapore from 2025. The goal is to ensure a resilient supply of methanol to meet the international bunkering needs in the Port of Singapore given the expected delivery of methanol-capable vessels in the coming years. The EOI focuses on three areas: (a) methanol supply sources, (b) methanol bunkering operation model[1] at commercial scale in Singapore and, (c) alternatives to the physical transfer of methanol molecules to Singapore such as mass balancing[2]. MPA will assess the viability of various solutions in the proposals received, which will also inform and shape the development of MPA’s methanol bunkering licensing framework. 

3.         This EOI comes after the recent completion of the world’s first ship-to-containership methanol bunkering operation on 27 July 2023 in Singapore. Aside from the Technical Reference[3] (TR) for methanol bunkering that will be developed, MPA is also working with industry partners to study methanol supplies, infrastructure requirements such as terminal facilities and methanol-carrying bunker tankers, seafarers training, and bunkering standards, as part of the broader effort to operationalise methanol bunkering and supply methanol at scale in the Port of Singapore. 

4.         Mr Teo Eng Dih, MPA Chief Executive said, “The launch of this EOI marks an important step towards development of a methanol licensing framework to enable the supply of methanol at scale in the Port of Singapore. We look forward to working closely with interested parties on this effort which will be integral to help international shipping transit to green energy.”

5.         Interested parties can visit MPA’s website at to access or download a copy of the EOI documents. Queries are to be submitted to the MPA point-of-contacts stated in the EOI documents by 20 February 2024 and proposals submitted by 29 February 2024, 3.00pm (Singapore time).


[1] The methanol bunkering operation model includes methanol storage, supply and delivery of methanol to Singapore, quality assurance plans, safe handling of methanol and emergency response measures, and the required manpower and expertise for methanol bunkering operations in the Port of Singapore.

[2] Mass balancing is a chain-of custody approach that tracks the sustainable content through the production process and ensures its appropriate allocation in the finished product(s).

[3] The TR will cover the refuelling requirements, operational and safety requirements for delivery of methanol from a bunker tanker to receiving vessels, crew training and competency. The TR is being developed in consultation with the Standards Development Organisation at Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SDO@SCIC)