Investigations Ongoing into Oil Slicks off Tuas Port

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          In response to media queries, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), together with the National Environment Agency (NEA) and JTC Corporation (JTC), confirmed that the agencies are investigating reports of the periodic oil slicks off Tuas Port waters. 

2        Initial investigations by agencies and findings from laboratory tests on oil samples by PSA, which were reviewed by MPA, revealed that the source is likely to have originated from further inland. 

3        Further investigations by NEA are ongoing, to identify probable upstream landward sources of the oil pollution, which may have flown through the drain networks to sea.

4        JTC has installed oil booms and CCTV cameras along an open seaward section of a key drainage to monitor oil gathered at the booms. Night patrol along Tuas South Ave 16 and Tuas South Way has been deployed to intensify the surveillance of the area.

5       NEA has also issued guidance and reminders to various premises in the vicinity of Tuas Port on the appropriate management of waste oil. 

6       MPA is deploying regular patrols to monitor the waters off Tuas Port, with oil spill response craft ready to be activated at short notice, to deal with any oil slicks at waters off Tuas Port quickly.

7       There is currently no evidence indicating a single source of the oil pollution. The oil slicks have not significantly impacted port operations or navigation.