Maritime Singapore all-hands-on-deck to equip maritime workforce with future-ready skillsets through the Alliance for Future Maritime Talent

Minister Iswaran with guests at SSA Gala Dinner

     The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and the Singapore Maritime Foundation are partnering with Pacific Carriers Limited, Pacific International Lines and American Bureau of Shipping, to establish the Alliance for Future Maritime Talent (AFMT).

2.   This is one of the key follow-ups by the Maritime Industry Transformation Tripartite Committee (MITTC). The MITTC was first formed in April 2022 and oversees the Sea Transport Industry Transformation Map 2025.


Alliance for Future Maritime Talent (AFMT)

3.   Mr S Iswaran, Minister for Transport and Minister-in-charge of Trade Relations, announced the formation of the AFMT at the Singapore Shipping Association’s 37th Anniversary Gala Dinner in his opening remarks as Guest-of-Honour.


4.   The AFMT aims to equip the maritime workforce with new skills as the industry transforms. This will put Singapore in a favourable position in the face of global competition for maritime talent. The AFMT will work closely with industry and unions to implement and review the adoption of emerging future maritime skills in the sector, including key seafaring and shore-based maritime skills, as well as skills needed to enable more effective sea-to-shore transition of seafarers. 


5.   Please refer to the Annex for quotes from the respective AFMT membersand the Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union. 


Tripartite Advisory Panel (TAP)

6.   Along with the AFMT, Minister Iswaran also announced the setting up of the Tripartite Advisory Panel (TAP) to support the AFMT in engaging the stakeholders and gathering industry feedback. The TAP will consult unions and industry leaders to identify emerging and future skills, as well as relevant competencies for the maritime industry. Mr Hor Weng Yew, Chairman of Singapore Maritime Foundation and Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Carriers Limited, and Mr Nick Potter, General Manager, Shipping and Maritime, Asia, Pacific and the Middle East, Shell, will co-chair the TAP. 


7.   The AFMT and TAP will enhance existing efforts to build a sustained manpower pipeline and raise the capabilities of maritime talent, ensuring that Maritime Singapore remains reliable, resilient, and ready for the future.