Supply of Water

Water supplied direct from mains to vessel shall be charged as follows:

Volume of water (thousand litres)Per 1,000 Litres or Part Thereof
First 50$7.11
Next 50$8.11
Next 50$10.11
Next 50$11.11
Next 50$13.11
Next 50$14.11
Next 50$16.11
Next 50$17.11
Above 400$21.11

A minimum charge will be imposed based on a minimum quantity per order of 20,000 litres.

All sales of water will be subject to a water conservation tax based on the rate imposed by the Public Utilities Board which may change from time to time.

Charges listed above are based on the PUB water tariff and the MPA reserves the right to revise the charges in the event of a revision made by PUB.

A vessel may request for more than one order during its stay in the port in which event, the total volume supplied to the vessel shall be used to determine the rate applicable.