Digital Bunkering (Closed)



MPA has launched an open call for joint industry projects (JIP) to encourage our bunker industry, technology community and adjacent sectors to accelerate the digitalisation of Singapore's bunkering sector. This call seeks to enhance bunker operations with the objectives of building up confidence in electronic documentations/ processes within the sector and demonstrating value in terms of improving efficiency/ productivity and transparency.

Development Areas / Scope

The proposed solutions and digital documentations must conform with relevant regulations and legislation such as Singapore’s Electronic Transactions Act.

We like to invite committed industry stakeholders to submit proposals in one or more of the following development areas:- 

A. Industry Solutions (B2B)

Applicant and its partners to develop and test their commercial and operations solutions that enhances operations efficiency, transparency and event visibility from oil terminals to bunker suppliers/craft to receiving ships. These could include the demonstration of technical/ operational feasibility and value of adopting electronic workflows and digitalised documentation for bunker delivery and other bunkering documentations, optimisation of terminal and bunker craft scheduling & utilisation, etc.

Proposed solutions must carry out API testing with Common Data Infrastructure (CDI) to ensure that they are CDI-compatible. More details on CDI can be found in the CFP document.

B. Automated & Secured Regulatory Reporting (B2G)

Applicant and its partners to develop and test systems to transfer bunker data and event data accurately, reliably and securely from source (e.g. Mass Flow Meter (MFM), IoT devices etc) to MPA, as part of automated regulatory reporting, via digitalBunker@SG API gateway with minimum data hops or point-of-failure in between. The project must demonstrate end-to-end data integrity, cybersecurity and operational feasibility when transferring such information from source to MPA. Such information will be upheld as the single source of truth for regulatory reporting purposes. (Note: MPA’s digitalBunker@SG API gateway is planned to be ready for field trials by Q4 2021). See below for industry briefing session.

C. Development/Enhancement of Hardware & Software to Enable Automated and Secured Data Transmission from MFM system

Applicant and its partners to develop/enhance and test for interoperability of their hardware and software systems (e.g. edge device, bunker computer, data logger, encryption units, 4G/LTE transmission devices, modem, etc) to facilitate the electronic capturing, storage and eventual transfer of raw data from the MFM system to MPA and B2B stakeholders. The hardware and software development should to comply with the Code Of Practice For Bunker Mass Flow Metering (MFM), SS648: 2019 standards. Where there are variations due to digital concept of operations, the applicant should highlight the required variations to SS648: 2019. The applicant will engage credible MFM system provider(s) to collaborate on this development/enhancement scope.

Evaluation Criteria and Funding Support

Selected projects may be eligible for up to 70% of project grant for qualifying items. The application form can be found here (.docx, 66 KB). All applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance and impact to the maritime industry
  • Innovation and differentiation
  • Capability development in Singapore
  • Local value capture
  • Organisation and team competency


Application Start: 21 April 2021

Application Deadline: 24 June 2021, 1800 (Singapore Time)

Expected Project Award: 31 July 2021

Industry Briefing Session

An industry briefing was held on 11 May 2021, 10 am to 12 pm.

Click here (.pdf, 763 KB) for the briefing slides.

Click here (.pdf, 360 KB) for the Frequently Asked Questions deck.

Summary of Voluntary Listing By Tech Providers – Search for Project Partners

Interested parties may direct to for a detailed listing.

Company NameIdentified opportunities / challengesProposed ProjectLooking for collaboratorContact
Angsana Solutions Pte LtdManual completion bunker documents introduce risks of human error, increases the opportunity cost of delayed transactions and heightens COVID related issues.A1, Contactless Electronic Documents, Certificates, Signature, Workflows and Identity Management
A2, Optimisation of Terminal and Bunker Craft Scheduling; and/or
B, Automated & Secured Regulatory Reporting (B2G)
Bunker operatorsAng See Lin; Director;
Angsana Solutions Pte Ltd

C, Development of Hardware to Enable Automated and Secured Data Transmission from MFM system

The solution aims to integration with MFM equipment and derived an open platform that will the enabler of applications that uses the MFM data. (Section C of CFP)

MFM providers who are open to new technology partnersAng See Lin; Director;
SGLabs Pte LtdThere is opportunity to test innovative hardware such as edge devices, encryption units, modems, 4G/ LTE transmission devices, data logger and software that enables the data encryption, processing and transfer to MPA and stakeholders.C, Development of Hardware to Enable Automated and Secured Data Transmission from MFM system

AI/ML that recognize MFM readings accurately and convert to text for band-limited secure data transmission real-time
Direct and non-intrusive sensors to report critical bunker faults automatically and in real-time to MPA and stakeholders.
Subject Matter Experts, in bunker operations
Bunker operators to support the testbed
Lu Shanguo; Founder;
ShipsFocus Pte LtdA1, Contactless Electronic Documents, Certificates, Signature, Workflows and Identity Management

A2, Optimisation of Terminal and Bunker Craft Scheduling; and/or

B, Automated & Secured Regulatory Reporting (B2G)
Licensed bunker suppliers
Licensed bunker craft operators.
James Kim, Chief Operating Officer,  
SG Smart Tech Pte LtdChallenges in authentication of digital documents from shipA1, Contactless Electronic Documents, Certificates, Signature, Workflows and Identity Management

The ship validation based on an App called ShipAuth® - patent pending - developed by SGST based on ship’s unique identifiers and enables the authentication of digital documents by ship.
Ship OwnersAbhinav Sahai; Founder;
Halialabs Pte. Ltd.A1, Contactless Electronic Documents, Certificates, Signature, Workflows and Identity Management

Our proposal begins with the elimination of paper documents (which is still very common in financing) and ends with the free flow of digital data through value-chains. Any document (or copy of it) can be a certified true copy that is independently verifiable by anyone else without the maintenance a reference copy and without a common mode of communications.  These digital true copies are more secure and convenient than paper and normal PDF documents.  They also do not require use (and protection) of IDs, passwords, or encryption keys.  Verification of copies is one drag-n-drop away. 

Tokenization of key documents may optionally be used to help address double-financing issues.
Maritime solution-providers 
Value-chain participants
Tan Sian lip;

Summary of Voluntary Listing by Innovative Users – Search for Project Partners

Interested parties may direct to for a detailed listing.

Company NameBrief description of interested scope and pain point(s)Roles and ContributionsType of partner(s) and support requiredContact
Vopak Terminals Singapore Pte LtdFrequent rescheduling and cancellations impact the planning of terminal jetties, leading to re-work which are manually executed.Review & consider any proposals requiring terminal involvement that create value or increase efficiency in the bunker supply chain.Terminal Operator: Participation from the terminal role (eg. terminal event data)Leonard Leong, Digital team,
Viswa Lab Pte Ltd, SingaporePhysical shortage, protest, demurrage, legal fees, management time and loss of good will inconvenience and stress all parties involved and add to the overall costs.Domain knowledge on processes, industry practises and testbed opportunities Tech solution playersDr. Khorshed Alam; MD,
Pacific International Lines Pte LtdSingapore is a major bunker port for PIL. Visibility over real time bunker activities will enable greater efficiency in planning bunker stems operationally and financially.Consider test-bedding end-to-end solutions on our vessels which we deem feasibleTerminal operators, bunker suppliers, digital solutions


Listings are optional, non-exhaustive and purely for discovery purpose

Listed solutions does not imply endorsement nor approval by MPA and supporting partners

Listing does not confer eligibility. Proposals will be evaluated equally, regardless of whether they were listed previously.

Further Clarifications

For any further questions, please direct to

Click here (.pdf, 211 KB) for more information on the call for joint industry projects on digital bunkering.

Click here for more information on the implementation of Digital Bunkering initiative.