Maritime Legal & Arbitration Services

Singapore offers a comprehensive legal framework based on an internationally accepted practice. It is a centre of maritime legal expertise and a favourable jurisdiction for parties seeking impartial arbitration.

The practice of maritime law has been part of Singapore’s legal landscape for many years, since its days as a British colony. A highly regarded arbitration centre for resolving maritime disputes, Singapore’s independent and efficient judiciary is highly rated. It is home to a pool of international legal professionals able to provide expertise and advice on myraid aspects of maritime law. Currently, some 30 law firms – both local and foreign – with maritime practice have offices in Singapore.

The Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration (SCMA) serves to promote maritime arbitration and has an internationally renowned panel of arbitrators. Founded on English Law, Singapore’s Admiralty Court administers the rules and statutes concerning civil maritime financial and regulatory actions relating to ships and the sea, such as those arising out of collisions and international maritime treaties.