Bunker Craft

 4.1 Bunkering Licence (Bunker Supplier) fee $150.00 per year
 4.2 Bunkering Licence (Bunker Craft Operator) fee $150.00 per year
 4.3 Re-inspection fee for bunker tanker $160.00 per inspection
 4.4 Administrative fee for retrieval of tank calibration table $15.00 per retrieval
 4.5 The Licensee will be liable to pay the following late submission fees to MPA in the event that any Monthly Statement is received by MPA after the 8th day of the following month.
 Submission of monthly statement Late submission fee
 (i) From the 9th day to the end of the month $50.00 per monthly statement
 (ii) After the end of the month $100.00 per monthly statement
 4.6 Bunker Surveyor Licence fee $180.00 per year