STRAITREP Reporting Format

The ship's report entitled "STRAITREP" must be made to the VTS authorities (see plan of the sectors) in the following format:

DesignatorFunctionInformation required
AShipName and call sign
CPositionA 4-digit group giving latitudes in degrees and minutes suffixed with N (north) or S (south) and a 5-digit group giving longitudes in degrees and minutes suffixed with E (east) or W (west); or
DPositionTrue bearing (first 3 digits) and distance given in nautical miles from a clearly identifiable point (state landmark)
ETrue courseA 3-digit group
FSpeed in knots and  tenths of knotsA 3-digit group
PHazardous cargo on boardIndicate A Yes@ or A No@ to whether vessel is carrying hazardous cargo. If A Yes@ the class if applicable.
QDefects/damage/ deficiencies/other limitationsBrief detail of defects, deficiencies or other limitations
RDescription of pollution or dangerous goods lost overboardBrief detail on  type of pollution (oil, chemicals, (etc.) or dangerous goods lost overboard; position expressed as in (C) or (D)