Transacting with MPA as a Vendor

In order to transact with MPA as a vendor, a customer needs to submit a GIRO application form. Please click here to download the GIRO form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) How often does MPA process payments?
MPA processes the payments on a weekly basis.

2) If I have queries on e-invoice, who should I contact?
All queries on e-invoices including issues with data entry, system problems and feedback should be redirected to AGD: 

3) I am a foreign entity and do not have a local bank account, can MPA make payment in foreign currencies? How are they made?
MPA can make payments in foreign currencies. These are done via telegraphic transfers. However, all incidental charges would be borne by vendor. Should you require MPA to deduct all bank charges from the payment amount, kindly inform us in advance of the payment.

4) Can my invoice be paid to a local bank account that is denominated in a foreign currency?
MPA can credit the payment to the vendor’s foreign-currency denominated bank account that is opened with a local bank. However, all incidental bank charges would be borne by the vendor.