Call for Proposals

MINT Fund Call for Proposals 2018

  1. Background

The MINT Fund Call for Proposals aims to:

    1. Create a competitive edge for the port of Singapore (i.e. a world-class port and port services that are smarter, safer, more efficient and sustainable);
    2. Build up technological capabilities within our maritime industry in key niche areas; and
    3. Transform the maritime sector into a highly productive and innovative cluster by leveraging leading-edge technologies.

For Thematic Challenge, we are seeking proof-of-concepts of Just-In-Time (JIT) port planning and coordination platform/marketplace with the ultimate objectives of reducing the turnaround time of vessels in port, and optimising port resources and operation efficiency of service providers, primarily through information visibility. Interested companies will need to submit a proposal addressing the scope of the challenges identified under the “JIT Challenge Statements.”. Interested Technology Developers are required to attend a briefing session on 14th June 2018, 2pm where the detailed problem statements and full process map will be shared to facilitate the submission of the preliminary proposal.

Selected applicant(s) will be required to collaborate with a team comprising of MPA and industry representatives for the co-solutioning and test-bedding of the project outcomes.

For General Challenge, MPA has aggregated a list of industry problem statements from our maritime industry partners under the “General Challenge Statements” and invites interested companies to submit proposals addressing one or more of the listed statements using the details provided. The industry partners will be involved in the evaluation of the proposals and participation of the projects as collaborators. 

  1. Key Information


Commencement for submission of proposal: 11 June 2018

Deadline for submission of preliminary proposal: 10 July 2018

Expected grant call outcome announcement: November 2018 / January 2019


Please provide a summary of the preliminary proposal, including the following details:

    • Company profile
    • Problem statement to address (for submissions under the Thematic Challenge, please indicate “Just-In-Time Platform POC”)
    • Project description and methodology
    • Innovation content, technical features and specifications
    • Comparison against commercially available technologies/products
    • Project deliverables including but not limited to new technologies introduced to the industry, or new products and/or services developed
    • Name and role of any other partners involved

Please submit the above information to Shortlisted companies will be notified by August 2018 and are required to submit a full proposal using the MINT Fund Application Form by September 2018. 

  1. Qualifying Conditions

Please refer to the qualifying criteria for the MINT Fund, with co-funding of up to 50% of the direct project costs.