Tripartite Maritime Scholarship (TMSS)

Your first step towards a career at sea…

The Tripartite Maritime Scholarship (TMSS) offers an opportunity to jump-start your seafaring career. This scholarship, sponsored by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), shipping companies and unions, grooms promising students to become Ship Captains and Chief Engineers of ocean-going merchant ships and be the leaders of Singapore’s maritime industry.

Students taking up the Diploma in Nautical Studies or Diploma in Marine Engineering at the Singapore Maritime Academy, Singapore Polytechnic can apply for the TMSS.

Pursuing a Diploma in Nautical Studies would prepare you to be a Deck Officer, and eventually lead to the appointment as a Ship’s Captain. On the other hand, a Diploma in Marine Engineering would train you to be an engineer onboard ship, and eventually lead to the position of Chief Engineer.

Scholarship Details:

- Provision of the following fees and allowances:-

  • Tuition fee at Singapore Maritime Academy
  • Annual book and uniform allowance of S$300
  • Monthly allowance of S$1,000 per month during academic and training phases *IMPROVED
  • Milestone Achievement Bonus of S$3,000, S$4,000 and S$5,000 after the attainment of COC Class 3/5, COC Class 2 and COC Class 1 respectively *NEW
  • Any compulsory courses necessary for the attainment of COC Class 2

- Recipients are required to serve a bond of 3 years with the sponsoring shipping companies on a seagoing appointment, upon attainment of Certificate of Competency Class 2 (about 3 years after graduation).

To qualify for TMSS, you must:

- Be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident
- Have a good record of co-curricular activities and/or community service
- 17 to 24 years of age
- Pass an approved eye sight test

Application cycle will open between Jan - Apr!

Closing date for application is 30 April.

For enquiries:

- Email
- Or call 6375 1231


* New/updated benefits following the enhancement to TMSS announced on 11 March 2015. More information of the announcement may be found here