digitalOCEANS™ (Open/Common Exchange And Network Standardisation) is an initiative to harmonise API/data standards to achieve ship-port data exchange interoperability along the maritime transport chain process and to facilitate efficient processing of port reporting requirements and formalities.

Through this initiative, we hope to promote global data standards and serve as a data bridge among all the global supply chain community stakeholders and platforms. Leveraging on digitalOCEANS™, we hope to enable true system-to-system interoperability that goes beyond form-based submissions.

As more global digital platforms come online, digitalOCEANS™ will also serve as a conduit for global connectivity by facilitating information flows, data exchange and end-to-end services for port calls and marine services.

Our partners include:
  1. CargoSmart
  2. Global e-Trade services
  3. Maersk GTD
  4. Port of Rotterdam Authority
  5. PSA International
  6. Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA)
To join as a partner, or for more information on digitalOCEANS™ click here.