Final Update - Investigation findings on the collision between Greece-registered bulk carrier and Malaysian Government vessel within Singapore Port Limits off Tuas

28 March 2019

The Greece-registered bulk carrier PIREAS collided with Malaysian Government vessel POLARIS on 9 February 2019 in Singapore Territorial Waters off Tuas.

As the collision took place in Singapore Territorial Waters, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) launched an investigation into the facts surrounding the collision.

MPA has since completed its investigation. The investigation showed that an error in the turning manoeuvre carried out by PIREAS caused it to collide with POLARIS, which was anchored at the time in a non-designated anchorage within Singapore Port Limits.  MPA has issued a stern written warning to the master of PIREAS for the collision.
MPA reminds the shipping community to ensure that vessels operating within Singapore Port Limits comply with the applicable regulations. MPA also reiterates its concern that the presence of unauthorised vessels in Singapore’s port waters can cause confusion for the shipping community and threaten navigational safety in the area.