47 Individuals and 7 Companies in the Maritime Sector Penalised for Breaching Safe Management Regulations

11 August 2021

     47 individuals and 7 companies in the maritime sector were found to have breached safe management regulations involving pleasure craft, harbourcraft and ocean-going vessels, over the eight-month period from November 2020 to June 2021. 52 of them were fined between $300 and $3,000 each, while two had the licences of their pleasure craft and harbourcraft suspended by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).  

2   In some cases, investigations revealed that the number of persons aboard pleasure craft had exceeded the maximum group size that was permitted for social gatherings at the time the offences were committed. In another case, a shore-based personnel was found to have violated safe management regulations by consuming the ship’s stores on board and not wearing the appropriate level of personal protective equipment. There was another case where a long-term permit holder residing on board a harbourcraft came ashore without MPA’s approval. There were also cases where agents failed to submit mandatory notifications to MPA on the boarding of a shore-based personnel.

3   MPA is investigating several other incidents of non-compliance with safe management regulations. Actions will be taken against any individual and company found to have breached the law. 

4   MPA reminds individuals and companies to adhere strictly to safe management regulations involving pleasure craft, harbourcraft and ocean-going vessels. MPA takes a serious view of any breach of the law and will not hesitate to take the parties involved to task.

5   A person who commits an offence under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020 is liable, on first conviction, to a maximum fine of $10,000 or imprisonment of up to 6 months or to both, and on a second or subsequent offence, to a maximum fine of $20,000 or imprisonment up to 12 months or to both. The craft or vessel may also have its licence suspended by MPA for up to 30 days.