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Summary of Publication

Singapore Nautilus is a quarterly corporate magazine produced by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. The publication features articles that cover topical local as well as international maritime issues and has a worldwide distribution which includes local and international members of the shipping / maritime community, port / marine personnel, government bodies, and academic institutions.

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Latest Issue
  • Towards Vision IMC 2030

    Issue 40This issue of Singapore Nautilus features the International Maritime Centre (IMC) 2030 Advisory Committee's vision for Maritime Singapore's next phase of growth, and its strategies for bringing this vision into reality. It also discusses why development in the sector needs to occur in a sustainable manner in order for the broader community to benefit from this plan in the long term. Most of this issue's articles highlight areas and trends relevant to Singapore's maritime trajectory. Topics like safety at sea, cooperation among stakeholders, autonomous crafts, LNG bunkering, and digital analytics are discussed to varying levels of detail. We have also taken the time to obtain insights and projections from well-known industry veterans in relevant sectors. In line with efforts to mitigate climate change, a representative from the International Maritime Organization shares insights about increased global scrutiny and sustainability in future-ready shipping.

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  • Towards Vision IMC 2030

    Towards Vision IMC 2030 Here we explore aspects of Maritime Singapore that will be developed in the ongoing drive to make Singapore a global maritime hub fr connectivity, innovation and talent.

  • A Greener Sector

    A Greener Sector Dr Stefan Micallef, Director of the Marine Environment Division at the International Maritime Organisation, talks shop with us.

  • All Hands on Deck

    All Hands on Deck IPIECA Executive Director Brian Sullivan highlights the need for all stakeholders to work together to promote safe sea transportation and protect the environment.

  • Breaking the Boundaries

    Breaking the Boundaries Launch Master Faridah Binte Jumaat tells us what it's like working in a historically male-dominated industry.

Past Issue
  • Unlocking Maritime Opportunities

    Issue 39 This issue of Singapore Nautilus features several highlights from Singapore Maritime Week (SMW) 2017, the region’s leading maritime event, and brings together varied perspectives and insights from industry experts on what goes into developing a future-ready port and maritime eco-system. In line with the theme, most of this issue’s articles address critical issues impacting the maritime sector and their possible solutions. In the Personality section, Lloyd’s Asia Pacific CEO Kent Chaplin shares how his company, a leader in marine insurance, is responding to developments in the sector and strategising for the future; Wallem Group (Singapore) Managing Director Nitin Mathur shares experience and insights from his company’s responses to the maritime digital revolution. The Company Spotlight section sheds light on Thomas Schulte Ship Management Asia’s expansion plans in Asia, and the Technology and Maritime Services sections discuss how artificial intelligence and other technological innovations can improve efficiency and accuracy in shipping and port operations.

    • Riding the next big wave The main feature recaps the highlights of the 12th edition of Singapore Maritime Week, which saw the international maritime community converge in Singapore for a week of dialogues, exhibitions and conferences.

    • Being ship smart Nitin Mathur, Managing Director of Wallem Group (Singapore), shares with us how the company is responding to the challenges and opportunities posed by smart shipping.

    • Dipping into AI Find out the benefits that artificial intelligence, a new player in the shipping industry, promises for the sector.

    • High-tech hull cleaning This isn’t your everyday cleaning job, as it involves live camera and data feeds and remote-controlled equipment. Find out more from ROV Pilot Syahrul Hatta.

To receive a print copy, write in to us at with your contact details and mailing address.