Licensing Requirement / Applications

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Guide to using DigitalPort for Pleasure craft applications

For individual craft owners with SingPass, you may log in to digitalPORT@SGTM.

For companies who do not have access to digitalPORT@SGTM, you may apply here. 

For foreigners, please contact 1800 272 7777 for assistance.

Please click here to download the licensing application user guide for digitalPORT@SGTM

Licensing Requirements
The following documents are required for submission for new pleasure craft licence via digitalPORT@SGTM:
  1. Identification of owner:
    • NRIC (for Singapore citizens);
    • Passport (for foreigners);
    • Latest copy of Instant Information Printout from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) for company-owned craft. *SZH applications must be registered under company.
    • Please note that all new owners/licensees must have an MPA account. Please follow the link below in our website to apply for the MPA account if you do not have an MPA account (
  2. Proof of ownership of hull and engine:
    • Bill of Sale or Purchase Receipt of the hull;
    • Builder’s Certificate or Certificate of Registry;
    • Bill of Sale or Purchase Receipt of the engine. 
  3. Certificate of Registry (if applicable)
  4. Origin of craft:
    • Arrival Declaration;
    • Import Permit/Bill of Lading. 
  5. Insurance Policy:
    • Applicable to all mechanically-propelled pleasure craft equipped with outboard or auxiliary engine, and non-mechanically pleasure craft which are 7 metres and above in length. The policy must cover the third-party liabilities including wreck removal, personal injuries, etc. e.g. under Clause 11 of the Institute Yacht Clauses (IYC) (1/11/85). The minimum sum insured is S$25,000/- for any one accident or occurrence. It should cover the period up to the next expiry date of the craft licence. The insurance company must be a Singapore-registered company. If the insurance company is a foreign one, a letter from the local representing office confirming same must be submitted.
    • If Persons-to-carry less or equal to 12 
      Minimum Insurance amount = S$25000 for any one accident or occurrence
    • If Persons-to-carry > 12 (i.e.craft licensed to carry more than 12 passengers) 
      Insurance amount = S$25000 + [( Persons-to-carry - 12 ) * S$5000] in any one accident or occurrence
  6. Mooring Letter:
    • Owners of pleasure craft are required to store their craft at established boatels, yacht clubs, marinas or designated pleasure craft mooring sites. Confirmation letter of mooring from such boatel, yacht club or marina is to be submitted
  7. GST payment:
    • Good and Services Tax (GST) is payable for all goods imported into Singapore. Likewise GST is payable for imports of pleasure craft, whether new or used, including visiting yachts to be used locally. The GST payment is to be made to Singapore Customs. Owners of foreign-registered visiting pleasure craft can apply for a Customs Temporary Import Permit GST relief.
  8. Non-citizen Undertaking Letter (for non-Singapore citizens)
  9. Installation of Automatic Identification System (AIS)
    • All mechanically propelled pleasure craft are required to be installed with an AIS transponder.
  10. Craft Inspection
  11. Payment of respective dues and fees
  12. Any other documents or requirements as may be required by the Port Master
Carve and paint the licence number 
Upon approval of the application, a craft licence number will be assigned. The letters and numbers comprising the licence number shall be painted on each bow and carved on, cut in or centre-punched into the main beam of the pleasure craft. The licence number on the bow shall be at least 15 centimetres in height and of proportionate width and that on the main beam shall be at least 9 centimetres in height and of proportionate width. 

Sailing Dinghies 
From 1 Oct 2005, licence for a sailing dinghy (except those intended for commercial hire) is issued for a period of 36 months. “Sailing dinghy” means a single-hulled pleasure craft with overall length equal to or less than 6 metres and without any motorized means of propulsion on board.

Name of Pleasure Craft 
No two craft shall bear the same name. The owner must be prepared to change the craft's name should there be an existing one in the Register. Craft bearing undesirable names which are likely to cause confusion in an emergency will not be registered.

SZH Licence
Every pleasure craft intended for commercial use (SZH) must undergo a survey conducted by a recognised surveyor in accordance with such requirements as the Port Master may specify from time and time. Include an examination of the pleasure craft, its machinery, fittings, equipment and appliances to ensure they comply with the regulations and are in satisfactory condition.

Surveyor Telephone Number Fax Number Email
ABS Pacific 6276 8700 6276 8286
Lloyd's Register Asia 6278 9444 -
RINA Singapore 6532 7737 6738 0813

How do I apply for new pleasure craft licence?

This section shows a step-by-step guide to submit a new pleasure craft application.You are required to open an MPA account before you proceed to submit a new pleasure craft application.

  1. Login to digitalPORT@SG
  2. Go to Craft licences.
  3. In the drop down list, you will find Application for New Pleasure Craft Licence.
  4. Click on the Add button.
  5. In the first tab Craft Information, fill in all details of your new craft
    1. If your craft is a registered craft, please ensure to check on Flag and select the country.
    2. Fill in all details on the screen and click save
  6. Upload a copy of interim mooring letter in Operations Details. Key in contact person name and contact number. 
  7. Continue to Certificates tab by clicking save button. 
    1. Upload your NRIC(for individually-owned) or ACRA(for company-owned)
    2. Attach a copy of proof of ownership
    3. GST payment
      1. Refer to Singapore customs
    4. Any other documents or requirements as may be required by the Port Master
  8. Proceed to Vessel Certificates tab. Fill in the details and attach:
    1. A copy of builder's certificate; or
    2. Supporting document.
  9. Finally, go to the last tab Submit Application (in green) to complete the application. 
  10. Owners will receive an acknowledgement via e-mail with application reference number upon successful submission.

How do I change engine information?

The owner of a licensed pleasure craft shall report to the Port Master any change of the particulars to the craft within 7 days of the change. The owner shall submit the application via digitalport@SG and arrange for an inspection.

  1. Log in to digitalPORT@SG using SingPass or Company's login account.

  2. Go to Licences.

  3. Then select Submission of Change of Craft Particulars.

  4. Search for craft licence by keying the craft licence number.

  5. Amend new engine information at Craft Information tab.

  6. In Certificates tab, attach Purchase Receipt of new engine and insurance policy cover note with updated engine information.

  7. In Vessel Certificates tab, upload Registry(if applicable) with new engine information.

  8. Go to Submit tab (green tab) and click the submit button. You will be prompted that the application is successful.

  9. Finally book an inspection. Inspection booking guidelines can be found at "How Do I book My Craft Inspection".

How do I book my craft inspection?
The function to book an inspection is available via digitalPORT@SG using your digitalport account (if craft owned by company) or Singpass ID (craft owned by individual).
  1. Access digitalport@SG using your login.
  2. Go to Licences followed by Craft Inspection booking.
  3. Click on Make New Booking button.
  4. Enter your craft licence number, purpose of inspection and e-mail address.
  5. Select the inspection site from the dropdown list.
  6. Choose the available date in green.
  7. Pick preferred timing and click Next button.
  8. Enter the contact person's name, mobile number and e-mail address.
  9. Verify the information and click Confirm button.
  10. Click Next button to make payment (if required) if there is no more craft inspection booking.
  11. Make the payment within 30 minutes otherwise the booking will be forfeited.
  12. Click View Acknowledgement to save or print out the inspection slip.

MPA reserves the right to change the inspection time slot without prior notice.

Failed Craft Inspection

The applicant shall arrange for a re-inspection to be carried out within 14 days when the defects are rectified. A craft is deemed to have failed the inspection if the applicant failed to turn up or the required appliances and equipment were not available for examination at the appointed date and time of inspection.

How do I convert my pleasure craft licence?

To submit conversion application for your pleasure craft, login via digitalPORT@SGTM with SingPass (for individuals) or CorpPass (for corporate). 

  1. Go to Licences tab.
  2. Select Conversion of Craft licence. 
  3. Key in your current pleasure craft licence number and click Search. 
  4. In Craft information tab, select the new licence categoryand proposed use(s) of craft.
  5. Then select Vessel type and sub-type. Upload the lastest ACRA and letter requesting for conversion. 
  6. Click on Submit Application tab to submit the application. 
  7. A new craft licence number will be issued after your submission is approved.  
  8. Book a conversion inspection, after the new craft licence number is issued.
How do I submit registration/de-registration of Lien?

The function to submit registration or de-registration of lien is available via digitalPORT@SGTM.

The mortgagee or creditor is required to submit the following documents:

  • A letter stating the request to register the lien
  • A copy of The Deed of Convenant/Hire-Purchase or Lease Agreement
  • Registration Fee
    • S$15.00 (Prevailing GST charges will apply) for craft up to 500 GT.
    • S$30.00 (Prevailing GST charges will apply) for craft exceeding 500 GT.

The mortgagee or creditor must inform the Marine Licensing and Permits Department (MLP) in writing if the Mortgage/Agreement is discharged or if any Notice of Possession/Seizure is issued. A new craft licence will be issued after a lien is approved.

Transfer of ownership is not permitted if the mortgage/hire-purchase or lease agreement is not discharged.

To submit an application, click here.

  1. Select Registration of Lien or Discharge of Lien
  2. Key in the details as follow(mandatory): 
    • Craft licence number
    • Owner's name
    • Name of creditor
    • Address
    • Contact number
    • Email address
  3. Select Type of Lien from the the dropdown list. 
    • Hire purchase
    • Lease agreement
    • Mortgage
    • Others
  4. Next, key in the date of lien. 
  5. Upload the Registration Document in PDF format. 
  6. Input the Date of Registration. 
  7. Finally click Submit.
How do I print pleasure craft licence?

The facilities to print pleasure craft licence is now available via digitalPORT@SG with Singpass(for individuals) or Corppass(for corporate) login. 

  1. Go to Licences, followed by Enquiry of craft licence. 
  2. Key in your pleasure craft licence number then click search button.
  3. You will find Print Licence Certificate.
  4. Thereafter you will be able to print out a copy of the craft licence.

How do I make payment for new pleasure craft licence application?

1. After MPA has approved your Pleasure Craft Licence application, a notification e-mail will be sent and you can make payment via eNETS Direct Debit or eNETS Direct Credit or digitalPORT@SGTM account (if craft owned by Company) in digitalPORT@SGTM..

2. Click here to access digitalPORT@SGTM with your login account or SingPass ID (if craft owned by individual).

3. Go to e-Licences followed by e-Craft Licences.

4. Select "Payment Of Craft Licence Fee".

5. Thereafter, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the payment.