Singapore Registry of Ships

  • 24/7 hotline for SRS
  • Adoption of International Standards

    Singapore is party to all the major International Maritime Organization (IMO) conventions on ship safety and marine pollution prevention.
    Quality flag under SRS
  • Good Safety and PSC record

    The SRS is on the White List of key port state control regimes, with a dedicated Flag State Control Department (FSCD) that actively monitors, identifies and carries out enforcement actions on Singapore ships
  • Flexibility of crew nationalities

    As an owner of Singapore ships, you can employ officers and crews of any nationality.
    Flexibility of crew nationality under SRS
  • Experienced and responsible administration

    The SRS is a hands-on and efficient administration, quick to respond to the needs of the shipping community with diligence and a high quality of service.
    Experienced and responsible administration under SRS

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