Try your hand at maritime rescue or be a professional who works around the clock to ensure that the port runs smoothly and safely!

A Maritime Quest

Maritime rescue plays an important role in saving stranded mariners who encounter difficulties at sea. The timely rescue of survivors requires courageous and well-trained professionals with specialised equipment.

Work together with a buddy to manoeuvre a ship in critical lifesaving and firefighting missions!
Maritime Quest

Cargo Dash

Singapore is a port that never sleeps. Move all the containers to the correct spot in the shortest time possible! Go solo or play in a group of up to four players. What are you waiting for? Time is ticking!

Ship Handling Simulator

Our Lives Contained

Singapore is a leading container transshipment port. Over 80% of the world’s trade is moved by sea and many essential items and consumer goods are shipped through containers.

Interactive Ship Spotter