The Singapore Maritime Gallery is specially designed to be self-exploratory, and offers flexible learning opportunities for all ages about Maritime Singapore.



For Self-Guided Tour

Look out for these top 10 highlights as you explore the Singapore Maritime Gallery on your own!

Download the Singapore Maritime Gallery guide here.

For Ages 7 and Above

Find out more about Maritime Singapore through quizzes, puzzles and other fun activities when you visit the Singapore Maritime Gallery.

Download the Singapore Maritime Gallery Activity Booklet here.

Download  The Little Known Wonders of Maritime Singapore here.

For Ages 10 and Above
The Maritime Singapore Education Series is an four-part online learning guide aimed at sharing about the growth of Singapore as a maritime nation.

Divided into four themes and 12 individual topics, each guide comes with its own informational write-up on a selected topic, with accompanying video links and fun activity for further exploration.

Theme 1: Maritime Past, Present and Future

Theme 2: Maritime and Globalisation

Theme 3: A Sustainable and Green Port

Theme 4: Maritime and our Everyday Life


Guided  Tours

We provide complimentary physical guided tours in English for Singapore residents for at least 20 pax. The tour duration will be one hour. Please submit your request here at least two weeks in advance.

If you are keen on virtual tours, you may write in to for more information.