Programmes to Support Your Maritime Business

Expanding your business operations

MPA supports the diverse business needs of maritime enterprises, enabling them to increase the scope and range of their maritime services.

MPA can assist you in many ways if you are looking to expand your business operations in Asia.

By leveraging on Singapore’s pro-business environment, MPA can support your business needs, be it expansion plans or starting up your operations in Singapore.

Not only does MPA focus on ships, cargo, port facilities and infrastructure, but it also aims to develop and expand businesses, networks and most importantly, knowledge.

In its effort to attract and develop ideas and opportunities, MPA constantly engages in a two-way dialogue with both local and foreign companies, ranging from large international players to local start-ups.

The areas that MPA deals with are:

  • Business Development, where MPA provides various assistance and fiscal schemes to help you optimise your operations.
  • Manpower, where MPA can help you to develop the knowledge and skills of your staff by funding training programmes.

Supporting your business through schemes

MPA offers maritime and related companies a range of schemes to grow and develop their businesses in Singapore.

MPA has in place a number of programmes to help both new and existing players develop their business.

To find out how MPA can be of assistance to you, please visit the pages below.