Organisation Chart

Ms Quah Ley Hoon
Ms Quah Ley Hoon Chief Executive
DID: 6375 1888
Ms Tan Beng Tee
Ms Tan Beng Tee Assistant Chief Executive (Development)
DID: 6375 1768
Captain M Segar
Captain M Segar Assistant Chief Executive (Operations)
DID: 6375 1618
Mr Tan Suan Jow
Mr Tan Suan Jow Dean of MPA Academy/Director (Sustainability)
DID: 6375 1688
Ms Caitlin Fua
Ms Caitlin Fua Director, Communications & Community
DID: 6375 1747
Ms Yvonne Chan
Ms Yvonne Chan Director, Corporate Development
DID: 6375 1667
Mr Tham Wai Wah
Mr Tham Wai Wah Director, Engineering & Information Technology Division
DID: 6375 1920
Mrs Ong Seok Bin
Mrs Ong Seok Bin Director, Human Resource Division
DID: 6375 1594
Ms Angela Png
Ms Angela Png Director, International Division
DID: 6375 1658
Ms Bernice Yeoh
Ms Bernice Yeoh Director, International Maritime Centre Division
DID: 6375 1944
Captain Kevin Wong
Captain Kevin Wong Acting Director (Operations)/Port Master
DID: 6325 2455
Mr Tan Cheng Peng
Mr Tan Cheng Peng Director, Port Policy Division
DID: 6375 1604
Dr Parry Oei
Dr Parry Oei Director, Port Services Division
DID: 6375 1222
Mr David Foo
Mr David Foo Director, Port Systems Division
DID: 6325 2461
Mr Kenneth Lim
Mr Kenneth Lim Director, Research & Technology and Industry Development / CTO
DID: 6375 4001
Captain Daknashamoorthy Ganasen
Captain Daknashamoorthy Ganasen Director, Shipping/Director of Marine
DID: 6375 6201