Maritime Innovation and Technology (MINT) Fund

The $250 million Maritime Innovation and Technology (MINT) Fund was set up to develop Singapore as a centre of excellence for maritime R&D and technology solutions. The objectives of the MINT Fund are to:

  1. Develop competitive edge for the port of Singapore (i.e. a world-class port and port services that are smarter, safer, more efficient and sustainable);
  2. Build up technological capabilities within our maritime industry in key niche areas; and
  3. Transform the maritime sector into a highly productive and innovative cluster by leveraging leading-edge technologies.

There are currently two funding schemes available:


MINT-Research & Development (MINT-RD)

This scheme promotes upstream research and encourages creation of knowledge, capability and IP within the companies, and is relevant to maritime companies and large companies with in-house R&D, as well as marine equipment makers and technology developers.


MINT-Product Development (MINT-PD)

This scheme encourages product and solution development, value creation, and translation of state-of-the-art technologies from non-maritime industries for use within the maritime domain. It is relevant to maritime companies with engineering design capabilities, engineering companies, system integrators, software/ hardware developers, shipyards, and technology companies.


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