Criteria for MINT Fund

"MINT-PD and MINT-RD Eligibility and Evaluation criteria"

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant should be a company incorporated under the Companies Act (Cap 50) and operating in Singapore, with a minimum paid-up capital of 50% of the total project costs; or a classification society appointed as a Recognised Organisation under the Merchant Shipping (Authorised Organisations) Regulations. In addition, the R&D into or test-bedding of new or better products, processes and applications relevant to the maritime industry must be carried out in Singapore.

Projects applying for the MINT Fund should be technology oriented with innovative content, relevant to the maritime industry, develop or test-bed products/services that have commercialisation potential, and satisfy either the MINT-RD or MINT-PD criteria.



Funding support for manpower and equipment either engaged or acquired for the purposes of the project, and other operating expenditure incurred for the purposes of the project.



All MINT applications are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Relevance and impact to the maritime industry
  2. Innovation and differentiation from existing solutions
  3. Capability development in Singapore
  4. Local value capture
  5. Organisation and team competency

"MINT-STARTUP Grant Eligibility and Evaluation criteria"