A leading maritime technology centre

Developing Singapore into an international centre of excellence for maritime R&D 

R&D is a vital pillar supporting Singapore’s competitiveness as a leading international maritime and offshore centre and global hub port. MPA continues to add vibrancy to the R&D development scene in Singapore by expanding its circle of collaborators and improving the quality and quantity of R&D projects and technology solutions.

Achieving a dynamic and sustainable maritime technology cluster within Singapore requires strong research and development (R&D) linkages between tertiary and research institutions (TRIs) and the maritime industry, Port, Shipping and Offshore & Marine Engineering (OME) have been identified as the three main sub-sectors within the Singapore Maritime Cluster (SMC) that stand out as major contributors to the maritime industry. Providing services to these three main sub-clusters is Maritime Services, which also services the entire SMC.

The interaction and interdependency of the SMC is best illustrated by the figure below.

Singapore Maritime Centre

Maritime R&D Advisory Panel

To chart the future course of maritime technology and R&D efforts, the Maritime R&D Advisory Panel was set up to develop a vision for maritime technology and R&D, provide comprehensive recommendations based on global trends and to identify significant maritime R&D programmes for Singapore. The MRDAP comprises leading maritime experts and industry captains, and over the years has played an instrumental role in developing the Singapore maritime R&D ecosystem through recommendations such as:

  • Developing a Maritime R&D Roadmap
  • Adopting a cluster approach in maritime R&D efforts
  • Transforming Singapore into a global maritime knowledge hub

International Collaborations

A vibrant and growing ecosystem - the Singapore Maritime R&D cluster is also actively engaged in international R&D collaborations with other nations. One of these includes the Norwegian maritime R&D cluster, where joint projects spanning across industry-academia R&D, training and education were supported under the auspices of the MPA-Research Council of Norway MOU. MPA also has an MOU with the Port of Rotterdam to collaborate on information sharing on bunkering practices and port optimisation.