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Discover Wonders Of The Sea At The Sea Show Exhibition

Did you know that the sea covers over 2/3 of the Earth’s surface, and that more than 80% of world’s trade are transported by sea?

The Sea Show exhibition explores the magic of the sea through thought-provoking and eye-catching artworks created by 30 artists and illustrators from 13 countries. The artworks celebrate the wonders of sea travellers and explorers, ships and cargoes, while exploring maritime issues and recognising some of the threats to ocean life at the same time. 


 Highlights to look out for:

  • Discover larger-than-life colourful artworks, animations and installations about life above and below the sea;
  • Take part in a ‘Where’s Wally’ inspired game to learn more about maritime careers;
  • Get to know famous sea explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Zheng He and ‘interact’ with them via augmented reality face filters;
  • Visit the Shark Café installation, a playful recreation of the ‘White Shark Café’ located in a remote part of the Pacific Ocean where Great White sharks migrate to in winter; and
  • Find clues and answers to puzzles and quizzes hidden within the exhibition.


Visit The Sea Show from 1 April to 13 July 2021 at the Singapore Maritime Gallery.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday, 9am – 6pm. Admission is free.