Research & Development

Singapore as an international centre for maritime R&D.

Singapore’s strategic location and thriving maritime industry make it an ideal location for maritime research and development (R&D). The presence of strong government support for R&D in general, recognises that a favourable environment for conducting R&D innovation enables the maritime industry to expand its products, services and business operations.

It is the strategic aim of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) to promote R&D in the maritime technology cluster, increase the profile Singapore as a Centre of Excellence for maritime R&D, and develop exchanges of and participation in maritime R&D activities such as joint research projects and R&D links and collaboration.

The maritime industry and its supporting sectors, as well as research institutes and centres (RICs) can utilise this maritime R&D critical mass to provide a platform to promote and showcase their R&D activities and innovations. This is ideal for RICs when developing links and networks that facilitate the exchange of information and ideas on maritime R&D and technology.

To meet the challenges of increasing global maritime competition, Singapore has moved up the value chain and is developing into a leading international maritime centre (IMC). MPA is committed to promoting a dynamic maritime R&D cluster that will eventually confirm Singapore as an international centre for maritime R&D.