Conducive Business Environment

The ease and advantages of doing business in Singapore.

A conducive business environment is seen to be vital in Singapore’s open-economy model. The ease of either starting up or running a business, taxation, an independent legal system, access to local finance, capital importation and the repatriation of profits are all areas where Singapore enjoys a competitive advantage over other locations.

In addition to Singapore’s strong infrastructure and pro-business policies, Singapore has 18 free trade agreements and 10 bilateral shipping agreements as well as an extensive network of more than 70 tax treaties to further enhance her attractiveness as a conducive business location

Singapore hosts more than 5,000 maritime establishments and businesses and they contribute some 7% to the gross domestic product. The government is keenly aware of the importance of the maritime sector and endeavours to establish a pro-enterprise and conducive business atmosphere.

At Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), we recognise that shipping is a capital-intensive international business and that a conducive business environment is vital to the operation of shipping companies. We have in place a suite of programmes that facilitate the growth of maritime businesses operating from Singapore.