31 Foreign Workers Moved into Floating Accommodation at Tanjong Pagar Terminal, Singapore

13 April 2020

          As part of Singapore's efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19, the first batch of healthy foreign workers has moved into one of the three floating accommodations berthed at Tanjong Pagar Terminal today. About 1,300 healthy workers will be progressively relocated to the floating accommodations in batches over the next few weeks.

2        All workers moving in today have undergone health checkes including swab tests and screening for fever or respiratory symptoms. They have also been informed that round-the-clock medical assistance will be available.

3        To minimise interaction among workers, each room will accommodate only two to three occupants, with sufficient space among workers for safe distancing. All workers will undergo temperature checks twice a day. They may leave their rooms for at least an hour each day at staggered timings for scheduled activities on the open deck. In addition, meals will be delivered directly to their rooms.

4       Upon arrival, occupants are issued care packs containing masks, thermometers, snacks and instant beverages. They have Wi-Fi access onboard and will each receive a SIM card for internet surfing and communication. They have been advised on a mobile remittance service. Each room is also provided with a kettle and a cleaning kit.

5        Captain M Segar, Assistant Chief Executive (Operations) of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), said, "By relocating healthy workers to the floating accommodations, we aim to provide a safe environment for them from the spread of COVID-19. We recognise their efforts and contributions to Singapore, and will do our best to take care of their needs and well-being amid the COVID-19 outbreak."

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Workers undergoing health screening before moving into the floating accommodation