MPA Academy Launches 4th Port Management Leadership Programme to Develop Maritime Officials

21 August 2017

21 August 2017



MPA Academy Launches 4TH Port Management Leadership Programme to Develop Maritime Officials  


         Developed and organised by MPA Academy for port masters, harbour masters and middle managers from maritime and port authorities, the 4th run of the Port Management Programme (PMP) kicked off today. The programme will be delivered by professionals and practitioners from the industry as well as senior officers from MPA. Attended by 16 maritime officials from regions spanning Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe and Oceania, the five-day programme will run till 25 August 2017.


2        Participants of the programme will benefit from a wide variety of topics covering many important aspects of port management such as safety, port planning and security. Participants will also attend the International Safety@Sea Conference and learn about strategic communication in an emergency. Participants would also witness how an inter-agency emergency response is conducted within the port waters of Singapore in a ferry rescue exercise – Ferry Rescue Exercise (FEREX 2017).  


3        Mr Andrew Tan, MPA's Chief Executive, said, “We are happy to share our expertise with countries in port management given the complex challenges facing the port and shipping community today. In particular, the growing demands posed by larger vessels, the growing role of technology and the need for higher standards of safety, security and environmental sustainability. The Port Management Programme, along with MPA Academy’s other flagship programmes, aim to provide an enriching platform for the leaders of port and marine administration to exchange ideas and best practices across government, industry and academia.”


4        “I am very eager to attend the 4th PMP to gain valuable knowledge and exchange lessons by networking with participants and industry representatives from other parts of the world. Although a small port, we strive to maintain safe and efficient port facilities here in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. I believe that it very important to be kept up-to-date on the modern management of ports as well as learn how to not only stay safe and efficient but also sustainable,” said Mr James P.C. Bing II, Seaport Manager, RMI Ports Authority.


5      “I hope to gain insights into port master planning and port security. I also look forward to developing new skills especially in areas of maximising efficiencies in port and maritime operations and I think the Port Management Programme is an excellent platform for that,” said Mr Simon Johnson, Head, Research and Projects, Sierra Leone Maritime Administration.


6       Beyond the classroom, participants will have the unique opportunity to go on site visits to local maritime facilities such as PSA’s terminals, MPA's Port Operations Control Centre and the Integrated Simulation Centre.


7        MPA Academy also organises two other flagship programmes aimed at middle to senior management of overseas maritime administrations and port authorities. They are the Advanced Maritime Leaders’ Programme organised for heads of maritime and port administrations or deputies, and the Maritime Public Leaders’ Programme organised for directors in maritime administrations and port authorities.

4th Port Management Programme

Commencement of MPA Academy’s 4th Port Management Programme (PMP)