Shipping Circulars
No. 4 of 2007

16 Feb 2007

Applicable to:Owners, managers, operators and masters of Singapore registered ships

1.Owners and masters of Singapore ships are reminded that any accidents where:-
(a)a ship has sustained or caused an accident which results in loss of life or serious injury to any person; or
(b)damage to the ship or her equipment has been sustained; or
(c)a ship has been stranded or involved in any collision; or
(d)a ship has been in a position of great peril,
must be reported to the Director of Marine within 24 hours, or as soon as possible, in accordance with the provisions of section 107 of the Merchant Shipping Act (Cap 179)1. Failure to comply with this section without reasonable cause is an offence which carries a maximum penalty of S$10,000 fine.

2.Owners and masters are advised to report all accidents and shipping casualties in the attached form. This form will assist the owners and masters in providing the relevant information required by the Authority to determine the cause of the accident and to conduct follow up investigations, if required.

3.In cases where it is not possible for reasons beyond the control of the owners or the masters to send a detailed accident report in the attached1form within 24 hours, the owners or masters should, at a minimum, send a notification of the casualty (giving the ship's name, date, time, location and type of incident) to the Director of Marine by the most expeditious means and, as soon as possible thereafter follow up with the complete report.

4.Owners and masters are reminded that the Authority may, for the purpose of conducting post-accident investigations:-
(a)board and inspect the ship;
(b)require books, certificates and documents to be produced;
(c)muster the crew and passengers and require them to answer questions; and
(d)require the ship to be taken into a dock for hull surveys
in accordance with the provisions of section 205 of the Merchant Shipping Act (Cap 179)2.

5.Failure of any persons to extend their fullest co-operation to the Authority in the conduct of investigations may amount to an offence.

6.This circular supersedes Shipping Circular number 9 of 1999.

7.Any queries regarding this circular should be addressed to Capt Sanjay Varma (Tel: 63756209).


1Report of accidents, etc., to Director.
107.-(1) Where a ship -
(a) has sustained or caused an accident occasioning loss of life or serious injury to a person;
(b) has sustained an accident or received damage, or otherwise sustained a defect or deficiency in the ship or its equipment which has been discovered, and the accident, damage, defect or deficiency has affected, or is likely to affect the sea- worthiness of the ship, or the efficiency or completeness of the life-saving appliances or other safety equipment of the ship;
(c) has been in a position of great peril, either from the action of some other ship or from danger of wreck or collision; or
(d) has been stranded or wrecked,
the owner or the master of the ship shall, within 24 hours of the happening, report the happening to the Director.
(2) Any owner or master of a ship who fails without reasonable cause to comply with this section shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $10,000.

2205. -(1) The Director, the Port Master, a Port Health Officer, a surveyor of ships or a police officer may, at any time, for the purposes of this Act -
(a) go on board any ship and inspect and examine the ship or any part thereof or its equipment;
(b) enter and inspect any premises;
(c) require and enforce the production of any book, certificate or document relating to any ship or persons on board the ship;
(d) muster the crew and passengers of any ship;
(e) summon any person before him and require him to answer questions; and
(f) require any ship to be taken into a dock for the purpose of surveying the hull.