Bidding for Craft Licence Number

The MPA bidding system allows owners of harbour or pleasure craft to bid for a licence number for use to register a new un-licensed craft or to replace the licence number of their existing craft.

License number

You can bid for a harbour craft or pleasure craft licence number and use it to:

  • register a new craft; or
  • replace the licence number of your existing craft

Who can bid for a licence number

Anyone who currently owns a craft (whether a new un-licensed craft or an existing licenced craft) or intends to secure a craft for use in port can submit a bid. You need not be a Singapore Citizen. Businesses / Companies which intend to bid for a licence number must be registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority.

Bidding period

The bidding period is open for 5 working days, starting from the Monday to Friday of the first week of each month.

Bidding procedures

Each bid application is for one licence number only. If you wish to bid for more than one licence number, you will need to submit separate applications.

Every bid must be made via Marinet.

ONLINE FORMS > MENU > e-Licences > e-Craft Licences > e-Bidding

The minimum bid amount is S$2,000. Bids higher than S$2,000 shall be in multiples of S$1. 

The payment must be made before the closing date and time in the form of Cashier’s Order or Money Order only, payable to Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.

Upon completion of online application for licence number, print a copy of the bid application notification and proceed to submit the payment.

Place the bid application notification printout and the Cashier’s Order or Money Order into the drop box at:

Marine Licensing and Permits Department (MLP)
7A Keppel Road, #01-26
Tanjong Pagar Complex
Singapore 089054

Payment by cash or cheque will result in the application being rejected.

Once submitted, the bid application cannot be withdrawn or cancelled.

All applicants will be notified of the bidding result via email by the next working day from the closing date. If your bid is unsuccessful, the cashier’s or money order would be mailed back to you (without interest) within 2 weeks from the closing date.

Conditions applicable to use of allotted number

  • The successful applicant will have the licence number alloted under his name as 'owner/co-owner’ or under the name of the company in which the application was submitted. Licence numbers allotted are non-transferable. Applicants must therefore ensure that the craft in respect of which it is intended to use the licence number is also registered in the applicant’s name. Licence numbers allotted for a particular category of pleasure or harbour craft may not be used for licencing of any other category of pleasure or harbour craft.
  • The licence number cannot be cancelled by the applicant and the bid amount will not be refunded to the applicant once alloted. MPA has the discretion to cancel the allotted licence number if the craft subsequently fails to meet licensing requirements at the point of licensing. In such event, the bid amount will be refunded without interest.
  • During a bidding exercise, any application form containing more than one licence number will be rejected.
  • The licence number is valid for 12 months from the date of notification by MPA. The licence number cannot be used by the applicant to licence a craft after the expiry of the 12 month period. No extension of time is allowed. In such event, the licence number will be reassigned by MPA.
  • The successful applicant shall abide by all regulations pertaining to the usage of the craft in port.
  • The bid amount will not be refunded to the successful applicant if the craft licence is subsequently surrendered voluntarily or cancelled by MPA pursuant to the MPA (Harbour Craft) Regulations or the MPA (Pleasure Craft) Regulations as the case may be.

Replacement of licence numbers for existing craft

If you wish to replace the licence number for your existing craft with a licence number successfully alloted during a bidding exercise, you may apply to do so. A fee of S$50 (before GST) will be payable for each replacement.

Retention of licence number

If you wish to retain your current licence number after your craft is de-licensed for use to licence another craft (either a new un-licenced craft or an existing licenced craft), you may apply to do so. A fee of S$50 (before GST) will be payable for each transfer.

System-assigned licence number

If you do not wish to bid for a licence number, you may request for an MPA-assigned licence number, as per the current practice. There is no additional fee required. If you do not like the licence number assigned, you can still bid for a licence number of your choice. You will need to pay a fee of S$50 (before GST) for each cancellation.

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