Reporting Format

The STRAITREP reporting format.

Format of ship report

The ship's report entitled "STRAITREP" must be made to the VTS authorities (see plan of the sectors) in the following format:

Designator Function Information required
A Ship Name and call sign
C Position A 4-digit group giving latitudes in degrees and minutes suffixed with N (north) or S (south) and a 5-digit group giving longitudes in degrees and minutes suffixed with E (east) or W (west); or
D Position True bearing (first 3 digits) and distance given in nautical miles from a clearly identifiable point (state landmark)
E True course A 3-digit group
F Speed in knots and  tenths of knots A 3-digit group
P Hazardous cargo on board Indicate A Yes@ or A No@ to whether vessel is carrying hazardous cargo. If A Yes@ the class if applicable.
Q Defects/damage/ deficiencies/other limitations Brief detail of defects, deficiencies or other limitations
R Description of pollution or dangerous goods lost overboard Brief detail on  type of pollution (oil, chemicals, (etc.) or dangerous goods lost overboard; position expressed as in (C) or (D)