Medicines and Medical Equipment

Medicines and medical equipment are required to be kept on board all Singapore ships. All such medicines and medical equipment shall be inspected at least once in every 12 months by a registered pharmacist, who, on being satisfied after the inspection that the ship is provided with medicines and medical equipments in accordance with the appropriate scale, as stated in the Merchant Shipping (Maritime Labour Convention)(Medicines and Medical Equipment) Regulations 2014, shall issue a certificate  to that effect. MPA has prescribed the certificate (i.e.Certificate of Inspection by a Registered Pharmacist (COI)) for this purpose.

The COI consists of 3 Parts.  Part I must first be completed by the shipowners/master/manager.  A registered pharmacist must check that “Part I” is duly completed by the shipowners/manager/master prior to commencing the inspection of the medicine and medical equipment kept on board.  Part II is to be signed and affixed with the official seal of the registered pharmacist upon being satisfied that the list of medicines and medical equipment is in accordance to the appropriate scale as stated in Part I of the form. The COI is to be returned to MPA for endorsement on Part III.