Report of Death Onboard

The master or owner must report to the Shipping Division of the MPA once a death (or missing person) occurs on board a Singapore-registered ship. The master of the ship shall probe the nature and cause of the death and forward an inquiry report to the Director of Shipping Division immediately.

The report shall contain the particulars specified in the Third Schedule of the Merchant Shipping (Returns of Births And Deaths) Regulations 1996 .

The report must be submitted together with these documents:

  • Death certificate
  • Police report
  • Post-mortem report
  • Statement of account of wages
  • List of personal effects
  • Extract of the official log book

Deceased’s personal items and wage balance

The master may send the deceased’s personal items to the owners or agents. Owners or agents are required to forward the deceased’s personal items and wages balance to the next-of-kin recorded in the crew agreement. The acknowledgement receipt from the deceased’s next-of-kin is to be submitted to the Shipping Division of the MPA.