Seafarer's Employment Agreement (SEA)

An individual SEA must be entered into between a seafarer and the person employing him. Singapore ships shall carry a copy of each seafarer’s SEA on board. 

The SEA shall contain at a minimum contain the particulars as stated in Annex B of our Shipping Circular No. 9 of 2014. 

Any term in this agreement (including Collective Bargaining Agreement and any other private agreement that has been incorporated in this agreement) that is less favourable to the seafarer than is provided for under Singapore law shall be unenforceable by either party to this agreement to the extent that is less favourable.

Where a collective bargaining agreement forms all or part of a seafarer’s employment bargaining agreement, a copy of that collective agreement shall be available on board ship and, where that collective bargaining agreement is not in English, the portions of that collective bargaining agreement that are subject to an inspection in port as specified in the Second Schedule shall also be available in English.

There is no requirement for the SEA to be lodged with the Director of Marine, but it must be submitted when requested by the Director of Marine.