Seafarer Certification

What are the requirements for the issuance of a deck/marine engineer officer certificate of competency (COC)?

MPA requires a candidate to have the appropriate training and sea service. The candidate must also meet the medical and eye sight requirements and pass written, simulation and oral examinations as appropriate, before he can be issued with a COC. The details of the training, sea service and medical requirements can be found at MPA's website.

How do I know my eligibility for the issuance of a COC?

Guidelines detailing eligibility requirements for the issuance of each grade of COC are included in the relevant application forms at MPA's website. You may also call Training Standards Department, MPA at (65) 63756222 for clarification.

I am a foreigner and wish to apply for a VISA to attend a preparatory course in Singapore. I need a letter from MPA to certify that I am eligible for the COC examination. Please advise how could I obtain such a letter?

You could fill in an E-application form to enable MPA to assess your eligibility and the sea service required to sit for either a Deck Officer or Marine Engineer Officer COC. The application should be made online via Supporting documents, such as photo copies of certificates held, academic/technical qualifications, courses attended, evidence of sea services, etc. should be posted to MPA along with confirmatory note of the E-application together with a crossed cheque or a bank draft for S$25 (Singapore Dollars Twenty -five only) made payable to "Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore" or "MPA". MPA will assess your suitability after receiving the documents and send you a letter regarding your eligibility. Original certificates and other documentary evidence are required to be presented to MPA for verification when collecting the Letter of Eligibility. For those applying from overseas, verification of certificates and other documents will be done by appointment when the applicant is in Singapore.

Do you accept payment in US $ or in other foreign currency?

We do not accept payments in foreign currency. All payments (including cheques and bank draft) must be in Singapore dollars.

How long does it take for MPA to issue the 'letter of eligibility'?

It normally takes about 1 week after the application form and all the relevant documents have been submitted to MPA. You can check the status of your application online here.

Am I required to submit the Cadet's "Training and Record Book" (TARB) at the time of application?

Yes. Satisfactory completion of the TARB indicates that you have completed a structured training programme as a deck or engine cadet which will entitle you for remission of sea service. Applicants who submit incomplete TARB or have not satisfactorily completed all the tasks required in the TARB will be required to do additional sea service.

Can I attend preparatory course for COC and take the written examination before I have completed sea service requirements for that grade of COC?

Yes. However, to appear for Orals and simulation examination, you should complete the required sea service, or any additional sea service as mentioned in your letter of eligibility.

Will MPA accept medical and eye sight certificates issued by a family or company doctor?

Yes. MPA accepts medical and sight test certificates issued by any registered medical practitioner in Singapore. However, the doctor is required to use the medical standards prescribed by the Director of Marine, MPA.

What is the validity of medical certificate and eye-sight test?

Medical certificate is valid for a maximum period of 5 years or lesser period as mentioned by the doctor in the certificate. Eye sight test are valid for 2 years

If I have passed the written, simulation, oral examinations and submit all relevant documents for COC, how long does it take for MPA to issue my COC?

MPA will issue you the COC within three working days from submission.

I need to go home urgently before collecting my COC. Can MPA post my COC to my home address overseas?

MPA can post you the COC by registered airmail. However, MPA will not be responsible should there be a delay in delivery or should the COC be lost in transit. On receiving the COC, please sign on the COC and return a photocopy of the page signed to MPA as confirmation of receipt.

I have lost my COC. What are the procedures to obtain a replacement COC?

You can apply for a replacement COC either:

  1. by post; or
  2. by visiting the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)'s Training Standard Department at 460 Alexandra Road, #21-00 PSA Building, Singapore 119963 from Mondays to Fridays (8:00 am to 5:30 pm).

In either case, the following must be submitted:

  • duly completed application form obtainable here
  • copy of your current valid passport;
  • statutory declaration (to be translated to English if written in another language);
  • attested copy of police report;
  • 2 passport-sized photographs with white background;
  • replacement fee of S$18 (subject to prevailing GST); (You may refer to the fees schedule here.

I need to revalidate my COC. What are the necessary procedures?

You can apply to revalidate your COC either:

  1. by post; or
  2. by visiting the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)'s Training Standard Department at 460 Alexandra Road, #21-00 PSA Building, Singapore 119963 from Mondays to Fridays (8:00 am to 5:30 pm).
  3. submit online application here.

In either case, we require the following:

  • copy of the current valid passport;
  • copies of certificates of required short courses (please refer to the checklist in the application form);
  • medical fitness certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner not more than 6 months from the date of application;
  • proof of at least 1-year sea service within the last 5 years or testimonials from your employer(s) to confirm that you have at least 30 months of marine-related services (eg. superintendent);
  • 2 passport-sized photographs with white background;
  • 2 passport-sized photographs with white background;
  • total fee of S$43.00 (no GST) - comprising revalidation $25 plus COC booklet S$18 (You may refer to the fees schedule here.)

Can I take the medical tests from overseas? Which are the approved doctors overseas?

MPA recognizes overseas doctors approved by the marine administration of that country provided the MPA's Medical Fitness forms are completed and the medical tests adhere to MPA's medical standards. The Medical Fitness forms and the guidelines on MPA's medical standards are available here.

I have registered for an oral examination with MPA but am unable to take the examination for personal reasons. Can I postpone the date of the oral examination and will the fees paid be forfeited?

You will be allowed to postpone the oral examination for one month. The fees paid will not be forfeited if you have given at least 3 days' advance notice to MPA for the postponement. The fees will be forfeited if you subsequently do not attend the examination within one month.

If my VISA expires during my stay in Singapore, will MPA assist to extend the VISA?

MPA will issue a letter to confirm that you are taking the COC examination in Singapore for you to present to the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA). However, MPA will not act as your sponsor or guarantor in your application to extend your stay in Singapore.

Does the Tanker Endorsement at operational level, issued by MPA, allow the holder to serve onboard chemical tankers?

Tanker Endorsement at operational level, issued by MPA (without limitations), allows the holder to serve onboard chemical, liquefied gas or petroleum tankers. If a seafarer has not completed relevant familiarization training for any type of tankers, the tanker endorsement will have remarks to show which type of tankers the endorsement is not valid for. For example "not valid for chemical tankers".

I have a Tanker Endorsement, issued by MPA, to serve onboard petroleum tankers at management level. Can I serve onboard a chemical tanker with the Tanker Endorsement I hold?

You could serve onboard chemical tankers at operational level. However you need to apply to MPA for an endorsement at operational level.

I have sailed on offshore supply/anchor handling vessels. Is my sea service recognized to apply for Deck Officer COC?

Your sea service on non-trading ships (e.g. anchor handling vessels) will be recognized and counted in full provided at least 2/3 of the time onboard is spent at sea and the vessel is engaged in voyages of more than 500 miles, otherwise it will be counted at 2/3 rate. In that case, your CoC will have limitations placed on it. For example "restricted to offshore tugs/anchor handling vessels". However, if you have at least 6 months of sea service on trading merchant ships, this endorsement can be removed and re-instated as "Unlimited". For Class 1 Deck Officer COC (without restriction), you will need at least 12 months of qualifying sea service as a deck officer on trading merchant ships.

I am a foreigner working as an AB and wish to upgrade myself and obtain a Class 3 (Deck Officer) COC issued by MPA. Am I eligible to take preparatory course and examination?

Guidelines detailing eligibility requirements for the issuance of each grade of COC are included in the relevant application forms at MPA's website. However, due to high demand for COC 3 preparatory courses, preference will be given to Singaporeans and permanent residents of Singapore and applicants who have sailed onboard Singapore flag ships, and undergone approved pre-sea training and a structured shipboard training.

What are the contacts for enquiries on seafarers' certification?

You may enquire from:

Training Standards Department
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
460 Alexandra Road
#21-00 PSA Building
Singapore 119963
Tel: (65) 6375 6222/6223/6250
Fax: (65) 6375 6231