Singapore Maritime Gallery Gets a Facelift

17 April 2017

The Singapore Maritime Gallery (SMG) which underwent a refresh, was officially opened today by Senior Minister of State, Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Ministry of Transport, Mrs Josephine Teo. Visitors can now look forward to more interactive and experiential learning in a vibrant maritime setting.

2    From a ship simulator to “Ship Spotting”, visitors can immerse themselves in virtual reality as they experience a 360 degrees view of the various ship models and their components. Among the new features of the Gallery are two new sections called the “Changing Gallery” and the “Epilogue”. The “Changing Gallery” is a versatile space that can host exhibitions, workshops and other maritime-related activities. The “Epilogue” is a resource corner where visitors are able to access maritime-related materials and publications for research work or students’ project work.

3     In addition, children will be able to learn more about the diversity and vibrancy of Singapore's maritime industry through interactive games. For example, a container-stacking game which explains the importance of not overloading a vessel, hands-on nautical knots challenge, and a “Set Sail” game where children can learn about navigational safety and the importance of marine conservation.

4     The gallery was first opened by the then-Minister for Transport, Mr Lui Tuck Yew in September 2012 and has hosted more than 100,000 visitors since.  During this time, the maritime industry has developed and progressed significantly. To capture these developments to provide visitors with a richer content, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) refreshed the gallery.  

5     Occupying a total floor space of approximately 1,000 square metres, the Gallery not only tells the story of the growth of Maritime Singapore from a small entrepot to a premier global hub port and a leading international maritime centre, but also demonstrates how Singapore prepares itself for the future.  Investing in future capacity through the Tuas Next Generation Port is one way. With a capacity of up to 65 million TEUs, the Tuas Port will be built to higher standards of performance with greater automation and intelligence. It will also deploy innovative technologies to increase efficiency and productivity, intensify land-use in the port, and improve safety, security and environmental sustainability.   

6     Mr Andrew Tan, Chief Executive of the MPA, said, “The transformation of Singapore from a small trading post into a global hub port and international maritime centre is a remarkable story. Singaporeans should be proud of this achievement while at the same time, not be complacent. The refreshed Singapore Maritime Gallery will allow us to reach out to younger Singaporeans and interest them not only in our heritage, but also a career in the maritime industry which contributes some 7% to our GDP. It will complement the activities of our MaritimeONE partners in raising the profile and awareness of the maritime industry.”

7     The refreshed Gallery was developed with the support and assistance of key partners from the maritime industry. The official opening was attended by more than 100 guests from the maritime community.

8     Located at the second storey of Marina South Pier (MSP), SMG is open from 9.00am to 6.00pm from Tuesdays to Sundays including public holidays. The Gallery is closed on Monday, unless it is a public holiday. Admission is free. The Gallery is located next to the Marina South Pier MRT station. For those who are driving, car parks are limited at MSP. Alternative parking is available at Marina Bay Cruise Centre (MBCC), 61 Marina Coastal Drive, Singapore 018947. For more information about the Gallery, please visit .

Group photo with MaritimeONE and Tripartite partners. From left: Mr Mohamad Bin Abu Bakar, President Singapore Organisation of Seamen; Mr Esben Poulsson, President Singapore Shipping Association; Mrs Josephine Teo, Senior Minister of State (Prime Minister Office and Ministry of Foreign Affairs); Mr Andrew Tan, Chief Executive, MPA; Mr David Chin, Executive Director, Singapore Maritime Foundation; and Capt Robin Foo, President, Singapore Maritime Officers' Union. 

SMS Mrs Josephine Teo viewing a replica of MV Nihon, the first container ship to arrive in Singapore.

SMS Mrs Josephine Teo trying her hand steering a 'ship' at the ship simulator, one of the newest exhibit at the Singapore Maritime Gallery.