Research & Development

Investing in and leveraging the latest port and maritime technology has been one of Singapore’s key strategies to ensure that it stays ahead of the curve.

One of the roles of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) is to develop Singapore as a centre of excellence for maritime research and development (R&D) and technology. This bolsters the competitive edge of Singapore’s maritime cluster, which is central to Singapore’s growth as an international maritime centre. Find out how this is done in our introduction to Maritime R&D.

MPA has a range of programmes and schemes to encourage companies and the industry to conduct R&D, innovation and test-bedding, such as the Maritime Innovation and Technology (MINT) Fund and the Green Technology Programme. And to support maritime research, education and training within our institutions of higher learning, the Singapore Maritime Institute's SMI Fund promotes tripartite R&D efforts.  

The MPA keeps you informed on the key developments in the Singapore maritime community, such as through our quarterly newsletter and also periodic MINT Fund Call for Proposals.

We also have a showcase of innovative R&D projects and technology developed for the maritime industry in close collaboration with our local tertiary & research institutions, Together, MPA, industry players, and public researchers can work together to develop and produce useful technological solutions for the maritime community.