Joining the Maritime Industry

Boundless opportunities from a wide variety of career paths.

The maritime industry’s diverse workforce includes seafaring as well as shore-based professionals hailing from around the world. From ship brokers to ship builders, from fleet managers to marine risk managers, from naval architects to shipping analysts, from chief engineers to chief accountants…the choices are as wide and varied as the seven seas.

As a small country highly dependent on international trade, Singapore has always regarded our maritime and port sector as a critical pillar supporting our economic development. Singapore’s maritime industry employs around 170,000 people.

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) can help you embark on your voyage to a successful maritime career in whichever area you choose and help you keep your skills relevant in the face of a dynamic global environment.

This section will help you decide which maritime career will help fulfil your ambitions and how you can go about obtaining it through the right education or training pathway.

Explore the sea of opportunities and shore of possibilities, and experience the many faces of the maritime industry