Teaching Faculty

MPA Academy initiated a scheme in 2014 to appoint maritime leaders and experienced maritime professionals as adjunct fellows and trainers to lecture at the Academy’s flagship programmes like the Advanced Maritime Leaders’ Programme and to conduct training courses and workshops for MPA staff. They form an important part of the Academy’s teaching faculty that includes MPA officers, industry professionals and academics from the Institutes of Higher Learning.

Collectively, our fellows and trainers bring with them many years of valuable expertise and experience in a wide range of areas like maritime governance, IMO Conventions, terminal operations, container shipping, port safety, pilotage, emergency response and crisis management. Their involvement in the Academy’s training programmes has greatly enhanced the quality and standing of our courses.

MPA Academy Teaching Faculty
Mr Koji Sekimizu

Mr Koji Sekimizu

  • RSIS-MPA Distinguished Visiting Fellow & Senior Advisor to MPA Academy
  • Secretary-General Emeritus, IMO

Mr Ooi Boon Hoe Mr Ooi Boon Hoe
  • Senior Adjunct Fellow, MPA Academy
  • Chief Executive Officer, Jurong Port Pte Ltd
Mr Tan Puay Hin Mr Tan Puay Hin
  • Senior Adjunct Fellow, MPA Academy
  • Chief Executive, Singapore Logistics Association

Mr Chua Kee Thiam Mr Chua Kee Thiam
  • Adjunct Fellow, MPA Academy
  • Special Advisor, Chairman's Office, CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd
Mr Krishnan Emayavaramban Mr Krishnan Emayavaramban
  • Adjunct Trainer, MPA Academy
Capt Mark Heah Capt Mark Heah
  • Adjunct Trainer, MPA Academy
  • Principal Consultant, STET Maritime Services
Capt Lee Cheng Wee Capt Lee Cheng Wee
  • Adjunct Trainer, MPA Academy
  • Senior Consultant, Global Maritime and Port Services Pte Ltd