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Dear MPA Academy Alumni,

Thank you for your participation in our flagship programmes. You form the nucleus of a growing family of leaders in the global maritime community who have shared the MPA Academy experience. 

MPLP gathering 2014

The Maritime Public Leaders' Programme (MPLP) Alumni Gathering on 8-10 April 2014

Through this platform on our website, we hope that you will stay connected with us and your fellow alumni. We have posted information on the various flagship programmes that the MPA Academy offers, photographs and coverage of alumni events, as well as links to our various publications. We hope that these would be of interest to you. As our alumni continues to grow, the Academy organises gatherings that provide meaningful intellectual and networking opportunities. The alumni gathering will be held during the Singapore Maritime Week and you will be able to participate in a range of activities such as conferences, dialogues and exhibitions on maritime issues. The Academy will inform the alumni with more details when the event is near. 

alumni gathering 2016 

                               Alumni at the Maritime Administrators' Forum on 19 April 2016

alumni gathering 2017

MPA Academy invited our alumni who were attending the Maritime Safety Committee 98th Session on 8 June 2017 at the IMO Headquarters in London

MPA Academy organised the 4th alumni gathering from 23 to 26 April during the Singapore Maritime Week 2018

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Maritime Public Leaders Programme

Details of the 1st MPLP Alumni Gathering can be found here

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